WordPress Email Templates: Smart Points to Know

Different companies commonly use emails to acknowledge their customers about various updates, new services or products, discounts, subscriptions, and something of the kind. These features help keep in close touch with customers. They understand that you take care of them because you always notify your dear customers about something new and vital. Sending emails also helps to reach new audiences in every corner of the globe. That is why it is always helpful to use unique email templates for various cases.

Another aspect is what email templates should be created and sent. You should select a good tool to do that. Some folks use Stripo email templates. This is a very useful and resourceful email template builder with a lot to offer every user. It offers over 1000 options of emails that suit all kinds of cases. It is easy to use, and this builder can satisfy the most scrupulous users.

Another option is to use WordPress email templates. Yes, we commonly relate WordPress (WD) to creating websites. It is so in most cases. Yet, it can also be used for original and creative emails. We have decided to dedicate this informative guide to this interesting topic.


Default Benefits of WordPress

Before we go to the templates, let’s check the default benefits of WP for sending emails. They are pretty helpful for every user of a website and business. The tool creates the so-called transactional letters. What are they? Make allowances for the next points:

  • Notification of new comments on your articles;
  • Informing a user of the registration of new members (if it is allowed by your site);
  • Reset of a user’s password;
  • Notification about the reply to the comment a user has already;
  • Notification of messages that were written and sent from a contact form on the site.

These were the main functions and benefits of WP for people who own websites and want to reach their target audiences. These benefits are very effective and help reach the most crucial senders’ aims. Commonly, recipients answer them.


Why Should They Be Customized?

You should also keep an eye on the way your emails are visualized. If they are not customized, their default outlook will be pretty ugly. No one would like to read them because they will not be pleasant to the eye, and the messages stated in those electronic letters will be absurd. Many users take them as spam and instantly delete them without even checking what is written. If you customize WP email templates, you enjoy very crucial benefits. These are as follows:

  • They are pleasant to read;
  • They are informative;
  • The letters are personal and diplomatic;
  • They are formatted correctly;
  • You can reach your target audience very fast;
  • You notify people and learn their answers;
  • Your business is advertised better;
  • Your messages are unique and creative.

That is why you need to take care of the way your WP emails appear. If everything is optimized and customized according to your needs, these emails will start earning money for you because they are able to attract customers.


4 Great WP Plugins

Now, we should discuss plugins offered by WP. We guess you know that a good plugin does almost everything you need without your direct intervention. As there are a lot of plugins, we would like to pay your attention to the top-4 plugins for WP. These are as follows:


PluginActive installationsRating
WP Better Emails20,0004.7/5
WP Email Template4,0003.1/5
WordPress Email Template Designer20,0004.9/5
Email Templates20,0004.8/5

Check the table and the values of every plugin. Every email templates WordPress plugin has certain benefits for users. They have similarities and differences, so they can be used according to specific tasks. Try each of them to find out the possibilities you can enjoy using the right one when required.


How to Edit Templates?

If you want to change something in your email templates, you need to edit them. This is a pretty simple task that does not require a lot of time. In case you want to edit WordPress email templates, you should use the right tools. There are many of them, but we recommend only 3 of them because we believe that they are the most useful for all users. You can utilize:

  • Theme Editor
  • FTP
  • cPanel

These are smart tools. They provide you with various functions and can be used easily without advanced technical skills. Thanks to any of them, you will be able to create and edit WordPress HTML email templates swiftly and without errors. They can be easily found on the Internet to use for your business aims. Reach your target audience quickly and effectively!

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