3 Tips on How to Write a Good Essay on Marketing

Today’s education is diverse and differs from one country to another. As such, there are various majors available to students all over the globe. Marketing, as a discipline, has gained significance throughout the past years. More students strive to obtain a degree in this field, and it should come as no surprise. Marketing is in the limelight these days, and students must be updated with the novel methods of promoting and selling goods.

That is why undergraduates are assigned different tasks to complete. However, such assignments might be time-consuming. If you are among such undergraduates and curious about writing a good marketing essay, you have several options. First, you can turn to an expert writing service called WriteMyEssayOnline and get full-fledged assistance. Or, you can follow this article and get a clear picture of what to focus on to get a top-notch essay written by yourself.


Write a Good Essay

Write a Good Essay


Follow Pre-Writing Strategy

No matter whether you are short on time or not, you have to stick to this strategy. This is a handy way of reducing the time spent writing the paper itself. So here’s what you have to do:

  • Brainstorm the topic

If you have the topic to write your essay on, you don’t have to mull over it. You can start thinking of arguments to base a paper on. However, teachers may give you freedom of choice. You have to analyze your potential prompt in such cases and ensure it is clear, accurate, and understandable. Besides, try staying away from general statements and assumptions. Narrow down your points so that they can be developed within the essay.

  • Research your subject

It goes without saying that an essay needs to have credible sources to support your arguments. Depending on your paper’s word count, you may need to include several articles, books, or journals. Assume your paper is a standard one and has 500 words. Then you would need to have at least two reliable textual or statistical evidence. To ensure the retrieved information is authoritative, look for it in libraries or such websites like Google Scholar, JSTOR, etc.

  • Outline your discourse

Even if your teacher doesn’t ask you to include an outline in your essay, you are highly encouraged to do that. The thing is, this plan helps you stay organized and add only relevant information to the paper. You don’t have to follow any structure or format. Just keep it simple and condensed.


Write The First Draft Quickly

There are many writing techniques to help you complete the essay. Freewriting is one of them. Its primary aim is to make you write during the determined time. When writing, you don’t have to pay attention to possible typos, grammatical, or punctuation mistakes.

The essay itself may well be large to employ this method. For this reason, you can divide it into three parts:

  • Write the introduction first. The introduction is your paper’s most critical paper. It starts with a hook that aims to spark the reader’s attention. This element has to entice the reader to keep following the paper. The last sentence of the introduction is the thesis statement. It demonstrates all the points you will cover within the document. The thesis has to be accurate and comprehensive.
  • Proceed to the body part. The introduction is followed by the essay’s main part, which is called the body section. As a rule, it comprises three paragraphs, and each of them describes the respective points from the thesis statement. When writing it, ensure including topic sentences in each of the sections. It will help the reader understand which argument you are talking about.
  • Finish with a conclusion. The last part is usually called a conclusion. When writing it, you have to remind your readers about the thesis statement and its points. Also, you should wrap up the paper’s content and emphasize the topic’s importance. Oftentimes, the last sentence tends to be CTA. Call to Action aspires to boost the audience’s interest in the given subject and make them dive into the topic or discuss it afterward.


Have Some Time For Editing and Proofreading

Editing and proofreading are two underestimated aspects. Indeed, no one wants to spend additional time checking the paper that is already written. However, if you ignore this step, you significantly lower your chances of receiving an appealing grade. No matter how flawless your writing is, there will be mistakes. That is why it is always good to double-check your essays.

To make your editing process more productive, use free tools, such as Grammarly and Hemingway editor. The former focuses on your writing in terms of syntax and word choice. Whereas the latter examines your essay’s readability and gives your suggestions on what you can change. These apps won’t break your bank, as they are entirely free.

Aside from that, make sure to cite your sources used within the paper. Remember to cite direct quotes or paraphrased sentences. If you don’t know which formatting style you have to follow, clarify it before completing the assignment.


The Bottom Line

Writing a marketing essay may seem hard and burdensome at first sight. Without any doubt, you have to spend time researching the topic and looking for reliable sources. However, these are key features that determine your score. Having the right approach and using the mentioned tips, you can be confident of getting a satisfactory grade.

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