Your key of conquest: Expert’s advice on bitcoin investment

The expansion of cryptocurrencies doesn’t seem like a flash in the pan, but something that will continue to exist and grow more and more. Retailers are becoming increasingly important in the stock market ecosystem and they are now accepting bitcoin as a valid payment mode.  According to experts, bitcoin can replace fiat currency because it is a global currency that can be used in any corner of the world. Universal acceptance, low transaction fees, secured P2P network, and faster transactions can make such digital currencies popular. Traders are checking for crypto trade and finance news.


What is Virtual Currency and is it different from cryptocurrency?

Many people confuse virtual currencies with cryptocurrencies and use both simultaneously, thinking that, they are the collective names of bitcoin, Ethereum, and dogecoin.

In simple terms, virtual currency is a currency that does not exist physically, exists only on the network, and can only be used in specific spaces and fields. For example, game top-up coins, miles, shopping credits (shop coins, la coins), etc are the types of virtual currencies.


What exactly is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a type of virtual currency. It is similar to virtual currency in that it only exists in the virtual world. The difference is that cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain technology, and it is cryptographically verified. For example, bitcoin, ether, stablecoin, dogecoin, etc.


Classification of cryptocurrencies

It is a virtual currency that started with bitcoin, but now development is progressing, and there are various types of virtual currency available in the world. The first thing you should know is the following two categories.

1 cryptocurrency without a specific operator … Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (eth), etc.

2 cryptocurrencies with operators such as companies … Ripple (xrp), Binance coin (BnB), etc.


Democratized investment

It can be said that this new phenomenon has democratized investment. Until a few years ago, investing in stocks on the internet seemed only for the financial world, negotiating geniuses, and sophisticated mathematicians. This reality and the landscape have changed dramatically, with a 180-degree turn. Today, with the right intuition and minimal training, anyone can embark on the path to successful investment in the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies. Nothing and no one can guarantee absolute success, but knowing and understanding the context of today’s investments can be a great way to get good results.


Bitcoin: A completely decentralized digital cash system

Even if you haven’t heard of cryptocurrencies, you should have heard of “bitcoin”, right? In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of bitcoin, used the experience of cipher punk to create bitcoin, a completely decentralized digital cash system. After that, cryptocurrencies formed a craze all over the world.

Bitcoin is the no. 1 crypto coin in popularity and market capitalization from the basics to the future. Despite a wide range of facts and myths that have prevailed about bitcoin. Although the advent of bitcoin is revolutionizing the internet society, the practical application of bitcoin is still a long way off. It is true that cryptocurrency is volatile; it has a high possibility too to delve deep into our daily life in the future. This is because it has spread throughout the world to the extent that some countries have recognized bitcoin as a legal tender.


Long-term investment in cryptocurrencies

Long-term investment (long-term holding) of virtual currency is, as the name suggests, an investment method that continues to hold the virtual currency for a long time. Cryptocurrencies can be purchased from cryptocurrency exchanges, and people can also use their PayPal accounts to buy Bitcoin. After purchase, you can invest for a long time by putting it in your account without selling it. If you hold your coins for years then you will get a good return on your investment.


Is long-term investment profitable in cryptocurrency?

By holding a virtual currency for a long time, we aim for capital gains (profit difference obtained by subtracting the price increase from the purchase price). It is a common method in cryptocurrency investment and is done by many people. Rather than leveraging with virtual currency fx, it is common to hold the actual thing. But the definition of “long-term” varies from person to person. The person’s investment strategy determines the profit in a specific period of time.



Expert investors in the cryptocurrency circle are optimistic that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin will replace legal tender to become the currency of the future. With the blessing of celebrities and businesses, a large number of investors are adding cryptocurrencies to their portfolios.

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