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Looking for a way to download youtube to mp3? A lot of people like the existence of YouTube mp3 downloader because they want to collect their favorite songs or music. In the old days, it was difficult to compile favorite songs, especially without having to spend a dime.

However, things are different nowadays, with various modern technologies that can help us. If you want to compile your own music list, these types of downloaders can really be helpful. And most of them are running online, which means that you don’t need to install or download them. Fuss-free and not complicated, huh?


About YouTube mp3 Downloader

So, what is YouTube mp3 downloader, anyway? It is an app, or a program, that allows you to save video clips (from YouTube) to mp3 format. Basically, you can convert the video clips to mp3 format quite easily – and add them into your mp3 library.

YouTube mp3 Downloader app


These kinds of programs are handy to use to download (and save) videos as sound files in high-quality format. These kinds of programs are available in various formats and types. You can find the free services online so you don’t have to register anything. However, there are also programs that need to be downloaded and installed. In other programs, you can use it better if you register. These types of programs allow free download, but in such limited numbers. Basically, you can choose whatever programs which are suitable for you.


YouTube mp3 Downloader Standard Features

When you want to choose a good (and considered reliable) YouTube mp3 downloader, you need to consider these aspects:

  • The tool can help you save videos from any device or gadget
  • It helps to convert and then download videos easily – typically in just several clicks
  • You can find videos quite easily and directly – even without opening the web browser
  • The tool enables you to save videos in unlimited numbers



SnapDownloader is another video download enabling you to convert YouTube videos to other formats, including mp3 or mp4. You can also download YouTube channels, playlists, and also VR videos. Besides the easiness to convert videos and files, you can also enjoy other features, such as:

YouTube mp3 Downloader


  • It supports high-quality resolution, even up to 8K
  • The tool can be used for unlimited conversion and downloads easily – without drama!
  • It can be used for different websites – up to 900 sites, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
  • You can use it to support simultaneous downloads, from multiple websites at the same time
  • The tool has its own proxy setup which can be used to break through geo-restrictions
  • The interface is easy, straightforward, and simple

The additions of built-in proxy and simple interface are some of the winning factors that make this tool excel than the others. For many users, this is considered one of the handiest YouTube mp3 downloader tools they ever have.


YTD Video Downloader

Just like the others, YTD Video Downloader is a program that can convert videos to mp3 formats. Basically, you can convert the entire playlists and channels. It also supports various video streaming websites, like YouTube, Vimeo, and others. There are also included features, such as:

YouTube mp3 Downloader - YouTube to MP3 Converter & Downloader Apps 1


  • The tool has fast and easy operation and performance
  • You can even convert videos from browser like Internet Explorer
  • It enables you to download (and save) unlimited videos
  • You will have no problems downloading videos in wmv, avi, mp3, and other formats

Despite all of the greatest features, keep in mind that this tool can only support Windows. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use other operating systems. But it doesn’t mean that this tool is lousy or lame. It is still powerful and handy, and it is also free.



VDownloader is claimed to be one of the most full-features downloaders for YouTube as well as mp3 converter. The tool is compatible with different operating systems – including Mac and Windows. Keep in mind that this tool is free, which adds to the positive appeal of the download. Other supporting features include:

vdownloader youtube to mp3


  • The tool enables automatic downloads – either from YouTube channels or playlists
  • It has solid and robust support for various websites, like Vimeo, Instagram, and others
  • It can be used to download videos in various formats (such as mp4 format files) in different resolution, from 720p to even 8K
  • You can download music (as mp3 formats) from YouTube and also within 320 Kbps quality

If you are looking for a simple tool and fuss-free implementation, then this app would be just the right tool for you.



iTubeGo is all-in-one downloader that also supports batches of downloaded videos, playlists, music, and channels, especially from YouTube. The tool is able to convert those videos to different formats – up to 20 different formats, including flac, m4a, mp4, mp3, and so many more. One of the greatest things about this downloader is its own browser as well as YouTube cutter. Other features that you will love from the tool are:

iTubeGo download youtube to mp3


  • It supports fast download speed. When compared to other tools, iTubeGo can support 10 times faster (download) speed.
  • The tool enables multiple media download – including in bulk
  • The tool is compatible to other sites, up to 10,000 of them. The supported websites, including SoundCloud, Vimeo, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and others
  • It can convert any types of videos while still maintaining original quality
  • The tool supports downloading mp3 320Kbps and 8K videos

YouTube downloader doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. This downloader is the real proof that such app exists – and it can give you a great help when managing your application and activity.



4kdownload is one of the best YouTube mp3 downloader tools that help you convert (YouTube) videos to mp3 format files without difficulty if you looking for 4k youtube downloader I would strongly recommend you this one. Through this tool, you also can download the playlist as well as channels from YouTube. Some of the helpful features from this tool are:



  • It also offers proxy service – and easy setup
  • You can organize files quite directly without any fuss
  • It allows you to download audiobooks
  • The tool has its own music player – built into the tool
  • It can be used by many sites, such as Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and others

If you are looking for something easy and convenient, this downloader would be just the perfect option for you.


YouTube to mp3 Converter

This is a free youtube converter that I like so much. Not only it is free, but it is so easy to use – and you don’t even have to register or such a thing. With this tool, you can convert YouTube videos quite easily to high-quality mp3 format. After the conversion, you can download the files easily. Some of the likable features include:

YouTube to mp3 Converter free


  • You have the option to use dark or light themes
  • You have the freedom to choose any format you like
  • The service works just well for desktops, tablets, and also mobile devices
  • You are able to convert YouTube videos quite easily – and the videos can go up to an hour length
  • You don’t need to register or anything. You only need to log into the website and use the service right away

If you want a simple and free conversion tool, this one would be the perfect option. It is straightforward and direct, with simple operation.



If you want to be able to convert videos and download them simultaneously, then this would be the perfect option for you. You should be able to download videos to 320 Kbps. There is also multilingual feature that makes it easy for you to choose Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Dutch, or English. Some other helpful features are:



  • It is compatible with other operating systems, beside Windows. You can use it with Ubuntu and MacOS.
  • You are able to skip parts before you finally decide which to save to your memory or hard disk
  • It can help you download several videos simultaneously
  • Simply copy the videos’ URL to a clipboard and those videos would be added to the (download) queue automatically

With these different options of tools, which YouTube mp3 downloader that you like the most?

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