Youtube Not Working – Solutions that You Can Do

Do you know what to do when Youtube not working? If your entertainment relies mostly on online sources, such as Youtube, you don’t want to have this issue at all. It obviously affects your enjoyment in watching your favorite contents – and you are left wondering whether it is your system or the one from Youtube themselves. It’s a good thing that there are several fixes and solutions so you won’t be completely confused and overwhelmed by the issue.


Youtube Not Working – Solutions that You Can Do

For now, Youtube is considered the biggest video platform online in the whole wide world. With 1.5 billion of visitors on a monthly basis (and the number is only for the logged in ones), it’s no wonder if more than 400 hours (of contents) are being uploaded each minute – resulting in more than a billion of hours videos being watched a day. It’s going to be confusing when you find out that Youtube not working.

Here’s the deal: Google has actually done a very good job to make sure that Youtube is always running – and it runs smoothly. However, there’s nothing perfect in this world. There have been several times when the service would go down and it doesn’t work at all. It’s quite unfortunate that the Status dashboard on Google App doesn’t list Youtube into its list. This can be confusing because you don’t really know whether it is the Youtube itself or it is just you.

No need to worry. If you have a Twitter account, mention them at @TeamYouTube. Ask them whether there is something wrong with the app. They are quite responsive in addressing the issue through Twitter so it is one quick fix that you can try.

Another method is to try accessing this link: If the actual site is down, it will report it. If not, then it is from you. You’ll know the source of the issue if the site is up and running, but then the videos on Youtube not working and not playing.

Again, there are several solutions that you can try, depending on different operating systems or device types that you have. Read on and you may find the proper solution for Youtube not working issue.


How to fix Youtube Not Working on Android Devices

As it was mentioned before, there are several solutions that you can try to resolve this kind of issue. Try them one by one and see which one works just perfectly for you.

fix Youtube Not Working


Restart the Device

This is one of the most common solutions that apply to different kinds of issues. Many issues that are related to the smartphone can be easily resolved simply by restarting them. The action itself will close the apps running within the background, which may be responsible for the issue.

This is the fastest and easiest solution that doesn’t take minutes. If Youtube not working, just press the power button and hold it. When ‘Restart’ option appears within the screen, tap on it. Once the device is on again, check the Youtube app whether the issue has gone or it still persists.


Check the Internet Connection

Another common reason that is related to this issue is the connection. If you aren’t connected to the net, then how are you going to access Youtube? It runs online which means that you NEED internet connection. Check your status (whether you are connected or not to the net). Access the Settings, and check cellular network or WiFi.

If your connection is off, then congrats – you have just found the culprit. However, if you are still connected, make sure that your connection is good. In some general cases, you are connected to the WiFi but there’s no internet at all. The reasons are quite many, such as issue with the router, the network has been done, and others. One way to check it is to access the Google. If you can search on it or do tasks that are related to the internet, but you still can’t access Youtube properly, then your connection isn’t the main culprit.


Update the OS

In some cases, outdated system may be responsible for the app not working. It may not be the common issue, but it may happen. Access Settings and then choose ‘System Updates’. If you find any update, download it. Keep in mind that ‘System Updates’ may be under ‘About Phone’ – depending on your devices, really. After you download the update, install it and make it reboot. Once it is done, you can open the Youtube app and check. Hopefully, this solution resolves the issue just fine.


Clear Data and Cache (from the App)

If your issue hasn’t been resolved, then it’s time to clear the cache. It will remove all temporary data. It’s also time to clear the data which will remove all app data along with their various settings. How to do so:

  • Open Settings
  • Choose ‘Apps’ and pick Youtube
  • Choose ‘Storage’. From there you will have 2 options: Clear Cache or Clear Data
  • Clear the cache first and check whether your Youtube is back to normal again. If the problem persists, then perform Clear Data. It should resolve the issue.


Check the Time and Date Setting

This may seem like an odd solution, but in some cases, the time and date setting can affect your Youtube. Google servers may encounter issues when they try to sync your app and your device. To deal with this, you only need to do this:

  • Choose Setting
  • Choose ‘Data and Time’
  • Check whether the option ‘Automatic Date and Time’ is on. If it is off, then turn it on.


Update Youtube

If the problem still persists, your Youtube may be outdated – which means that you need to update it right away. Open Google PlayStore. When you see the menu, you should be able to see ‘My Apps and Games’. Choose it and see whether Youtube is within the ‘Update’ list. If you can see Youtube within the list, then updating it would be crucial. Simply click on the button and wait until the whole process completes. After the process complete, open Youtube app again to see whether it works just fine now.


How to fix Youtube Not Working on Chrome Browser

If the problem Youtube not working still lingers, there are some possible solutions for the PC.

How to fix Youtube Not Working on Chrome Browser


Update Chrome

You can’t watch Youtube on your browser? Try to update it. You will see 3 vertical dots located on the top and right corner. Click on it and choose Help. Then choose ‘About Google Chrome’. A new page will open. If you can see a new update, click the option ‘Install’ and simply follow the given directions.


Check the Connection

Again, the internet connection can be the culprit of this issue. Just like what you do on Android device, try Google search or just visit random site. If you can’t do it, then it is your connection. But if you can and your Youtube is still giving you issue, then there are other solutions to try.


Turn JavaScript on

JavaScript must be activated so you can watch videos. Go to the Settings on Chrome, choose ‘Advanced’ (usually located on the bottom), and then choose ‘Privacy and Security’. You can find ‘Site Settings’ there. Pick the option ‘JavaScript’ and go with ‘Allowed’. After you have done it, check your Youtube app. Refresh the page and check whether the video has worked.


Clear Cookies and Cache

It’s possible that you need to ‘clean’ your system because it is crowded and packed. So, click the 3 vertical dots on the right top corner (of your browser), click the option ‘More Tools’ and choose ‘Clear Browsing Data’. Pick the option ‘All Time’ and then clear the data.

As you can see, there are different options that you can try on your own. Don’t give up hope in finding the cause of Youtube not working – you should be able to find the solutions just perfectly.

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