Zoom Camera Not Working – Dealing with Different Options to Solve It

Have you ever encountered an issue when your Zoom camera not working? It is frustrating, isn’t it? There you are, getting ready for the meeting and you are about to start with your presentation, but your camera is busted. Not only it ruins your performance, but it also ruins your mood. Sure, you probably can still join the meeting without the camera, but what’s the point if you can’t interact face to face?

There are actually many causes why Zoom camera not working. It can be Zoom is unable to detect a camera or there is something wrong with Zoom camera setting. Some people may experience different cases with their devices, such as their Windows 10 camera not working, but when they try on different devices (and operating systems), it works just fine. So, instead of mulling and wondering why such a thing happens to you, it’s better to get to work and dig into the issue, shall we?


Zoom Camera Not Working? Common Causes

There are several possibilities why Zoom camera not working on your device, such as:

  • The camera is somewhat disabled within the device’s setting
  • There are problems with the hardware of your camera
  • The device drivers are probably corrupted or outdated
  • There are interferences from other devices or programs
  • The webcam is somewhat not selected within Zoom.


Checking for Camera Connection

The first thing to do is to make sure that you already check the connection of the camera. Is it connected yet? Have you turned it on? You see, when you use Zoom, often times it ‘encourages’ you to turn the video off by presenting a box – and you should tick it. So, when you see a box with the option ‘Turn off My Video’, make sure you don’t check it. If you check it, your camera won’t turn on.

zoom camera not working


What if you are using an external webcam? First, check your webcams because some have physical off and on switch. You may have forgotten to turn it on. Second, check the connecting cable. Is there any damage on it? Try connecting it to another (and different) USB port. If it works fine on another port, then it is your port that is troublesome. But if you have tried other ports and you still get the same result, it may be the cable – or the webcam. In the event you are using a wireless webcam, check the Bluetooth connecting and setting. And check whether the battery (of the device) has been properly charged.


Check Other Programs

Another possibility of why your Zoom camera not working is because there is interference from other programs. In some cases, it is possible that the system is too heavy and it is being burdened with programs. So, whatever your operating system is (whether it’s Windows, Linux, or Mac), it’s a good idea to close other applications, so it’s only Zoom that is on and functioning.

Skype video call


Of course, it would be a bad idea to choose programs that require you to use the camera, like Facebook, WhatsApp, or Skype – while using the Zoom. You see, the camera isn’t exactly a multifunctional device. It can only work well with an application at a time. In some cases, these programs might be found among the startup programs or they run on the background.

For Windows 10 zoom camera not working, use the Task Manager to finalize the processes that may use the camera and interfere with its operation. If you are using a mobile device, hold the app down until you can see the (option) menu. Then choose ‘App Info’ and then opt for ‘Force Stop’. Wait for several minutes and then restart it. If you are using Linux distribution, like Ubuntu, you can access the line command (it’s in the terminal) or via the system monitor.


Make Use of Advanced Video Settings

If your Zoom camera not working, you can try using the Advanced Video Settings – it’s one of Zoom’s features. It is an advanced tool created to enhance and highlight video playback. However, the result may be the opposite from what you expect. If somehow the video keeps on being distorted, open your Zoom app, but do it when you aren’t in a meeting. Choose ‘Settings’, and go with the tab ‘Video’. And then choose ‘Advanced’ so you can adjust the available options. Tick the options ‘Always show video preview’, ‘Mirror My Video’, and widescreen for the camera.


Check the Permissions

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In some cases, the (Zoom) app may not have permission to your device’s camera. That’s why you want to check whether the permission has been given or not. Check whether Zoom has already been permitted to use the camera through the app settings. If it hasn’t, then enable the permission.


Restart the Computer

If you have tried everything but you haven’t been successful, then sometimes the simplest way is to restart the program or the device. When you restart it, you are doing a reboot. A reboot would refresh the system, including fixing (minor) software issues – which may be responsible for the issues.

So, when your Zoom camera not working, try restarting the app first. And then restart the device (whether it is your smartphone or your computer). Wait for several minutes after it is turned off completely, then turn it on again. Test the video – see whether it is showing now or not.


Do Reinstallation

In some cases, restarting the computer may fix the issue. However, in others, it takes more than restarting. You may have to reinstall the application. Here are the steps to do it:

  • Access the Start Menu
  • Find Zoom folder. Click it and see ‘Start Zoom’ icon.
  • Right click on it and then choose ‘Uninstall’
  • You will see a popup notification, asking for your permission to make changes to the device. To authorize the removal, click OK
  • The (uninstallation) progress will show on the screen. You just wait for it to complete
  • After it is done, restart the computer. Restarting it will remove all the elements and uninstall the app.
  • Once the uninstallation is done, perform Zoom download and install it again. Test it now and it should resolve your Zoom camera not working.


Make sure that you clean the system after the uninstallation because you don’t want to have any leftover left. Any remaining leftover will interfere with the system so your app won’t be able to work and function properly.


Update the System

The app requires the latest update to work properly. In most cases, applications would ‘refuse’ to function well if they aren’t within the latest update. So, you should check whether your device and the app have gotten the latest updates? If the answer is no, then update them. Simply follow the directions and you are good to go. After you have checked the update, don’t forget to check the setting too. Your camera should be able to work just fine by now.

In case you don’t know how to update the camera driver, here is how:

  • Press Windows key and R button together to open Run (dialog box).
  • Type ‘devmgmt.msc’ within the dialog box and ‘Enter’.
  • You are in the Device Manager window now, find Imaging Devices. Once you have found it, click it.
  • You should be able to see a submenu, and your camera should be listed in it. Right click (on it) and choose the option ‘Update Driver.’
  • Click ‘Search automatically for driver updated software’ so the system can automatically scan the computer (as well as the internet) for the latest update.
  • Once it has found the update, it would automatically do it.


Final Words

In the end, there are actually various different ways to deal with the Zoom camera, especially if something is wrong. You have been presented with various different ways of what to do when your Zoom camera not working – and you only need to pick the one that fits your situation.

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