12 Best Construction Project Management Software For Your Businesses

Thanks to a bundle of the best construction project management software available today, allowing people and their businesses to manage assets and day-to-day operations. Such kinds of software are crucial to deal with the way people handle their businesses well and more organized, resulting in a good maintenance over the business management.

Such software also helps automate some administrative tasks, simplifies the estimation and billing, facilitate planning and scheduling. They manage not only the workload assignments but also centralize the document management and promote both the real-time communication and issues solution.

Now let’s check out the review sections of each construction project management software that we have selected from the trustable resources.


12 Best Construction Project Management Software For Your Businesses


1. Procore

Construction Project Management Software


Procore has been widely spoken about construction management software in the last few years. That is due to the quality rich features and its efficiency for the project management team. With Procore, the construction companies are able to manage the multiple construction projects using the ultimate visibility.

The real-time risks and data access are mitigated to ensure the quality and safety. Procore comes with the features such as financial management, time management and others so that it can be the leading software for construction project management.

Other features offered by Procore include accounting integration, budget tracking, job costing, contract management, change orders, commercial, contractors, RFI and submittals, residential and subcontractor management.


2. Oracle Aconex

Aconex - Construction Project Controls Software


Oracle Aconex is a cloud-based software for construction management that functions to connect the major construction and engineering projects. Aconex is considered the best solution for managing information and working process across the projects while multiple assignments are handled.

Aconex much deals with project controls, document management, workflow management, quality, BIM management and safety project, providing insights into the projects, bidding, analyzing the data and estimating quotes.

As one of the best construction project management software, Oracle Aconex offer some features including budget tracking/job costing, change orders, contract management, commercial, contractors, residential, accident reporting, RFI and submittals and subcontractor management.


3. CMiC

CMiC - Construction Software for Accounting & Project Management


CMiC – Construction Software for Accounting & Project Management – If you want a software that helps you process the data on your fingertips, CMic is the one to consider. Basically, CMiC is a platform at which a construction software is grown. It works from planning the budgets to managing drawings and cost forecast to keep the contract and revenues.

CMiC seamlessly functions to connect your team members and help in supervising their work formats. It is best described that CMiC is one of the best construction management software that maintains your project goals and budgets, increases the profitability and help in keeping complied with the deadlines.

The features of CMiC includes accounting integration, tracking/job costing, commercial, change orders, contract management, subcontractor management and contractors.


4. HeavyBid

Construction Estimating Software


Looking for the best Construction Estimating Software? Consider using HeavyBid in your business management and get the benefits from now. Yup, HeavyBid is categorized as an offering offered by the HCSS solutions for the estimators and construction companies. This software is designed and developed to estimate and bid work across civil industries including underground, mining, pipeline, earthwork, plants and heavy construction work.

In construction project management, HeavyBid helps import the data fast, build estimate, compute quotes, analyze the quotes, calculate and elaborate structures and consider production history as well as pass on information to the companies concern.

HeavyBid construction management features include the budget tracking/job costing, change orders, contractor and subcontractor management.


5. Contractor Foreman

Contractor Foreman


Thanks to Contractor Foreman for its most affordable all-in-one solution in managing construction projects. Starting at $49/m for the entire company, you can quickly and easily create schedules, estimates, daily logs, online signatures, time cards, invoice, submittals, change orders, PO’s, Bid management, client portal and many more.

Believe it or not, there are NO PER-PROJECT FEES so that you can save thousands in comparison with the other systems. With Contractor Foreman, you can integrate with QuickBooks and use it on the phone, tablet as well as computer.

There are some features added to this software. Those are accounting integration, budget tracking/job costing, change orders, contract/license management, estimating, subcontractor, commercial, contractor management and CRM.


6. Fluix



Other best construction project management software to consider using for your next project management is Fluix. Fluix comes as a lightweight software and designed for successful contractions companies. With this software, you can have all of your project documentation in one place. Further, this software is available anytime and anywhere even when you are offline.

Fluix enables you to redline drawings, attach progress photos, add notes and comments for quick approvals, collect data from remote operations and compare the performance across the sites to mark bottleneck, risk and finally improve the company’s productivity.

What’s more?

Fluix allows you to generate professional reports with upadtes on RFI, change orders, submittals, quality, safety checklist and timesheets.

Fluix comes with some features that include change orders, contract management, mobile access, incident reporting, offline access, RFI and Submittals.


7. ConstructionOnline



With ConstructionOnline, you can build your construction project management faster, smarter and better. That seems the motto of the software.

ConstructionOnline is a construction management software developed by UDA technologies that has been rated as number one based on the reviews sites. This software is associated by some of the world’s best construction companies due to the rich features.

ConstructionOnline offers cloud-based management system, dailiy project logging, dynamic estimating, RFI tracking, redline Planroom and change order management. Trust me, this software is the world’s fastest scheduling software bringing the speed and power in pre-scheduling the projects.

Considered as one of the best software for construction project management, this one comes with the features of budget tracking/job costing, change orders, contract management, subcontractor management, CRM, residential, RFI and Submittals and commercial.


8. Dynamics SL

Dynamics SL


Now if you want an enterprise resource planning solution, think no other but Dynamics SL. In the world of the best construction project management software, Dynamics SL is a benefit to the construction management companies due to its capabilities in accomplishing the major project related tasks.

Dynamics SL is an ERP solution combining the financial management planning and building customer relationship management. It is fully power-packed to fulfill the unique requirements of the construction industries, government contracting and professional service management.

With this software, the business can access the role-specific information and perform data entry task using the inevitable construction management software.

Dynamics SL construction management software comes with the features of accounting integration, budget tracking, job costing, residential and commercial.


9. BuildingConnected



BuildingConnected is one of the best software for construction project management that provides assistance in pre-management and pre-building planning. This software is widely used by the builders to quote, bid, send invitation to the vendors, plan the projects and track the opportunities.

In BuildingConnected, preplanning is an important part of construction management which the software sorts easily. The virtual analysis reports are available to help take preconstruction business and plan the projects accordingly.

Along with the fast growing network and dedicated support system, BuildingConnected becomes one of the widely used construction management software today. The features that the software offer include commercials, contractors, CRM and subcontractor management.


10. Sablono



If you have been in the world of construction project management, you must have been familiar with Sablono. In fact, it is the world’s first construction execution platform designed for the management and monitoring of large-scale construction projects.

Using a clear focus on processes, the unique system of Sablono integrates all aspects of time, cost and quality in one central digital platform.

Thanks to the industry leaders around the world for trusting Sablono along with its unique combination of enterprise-ready technology, personal interactions and close cooperation. The high value of Sablono leads the project teams to expect the fast and automated support as well as dedicated customer success specialists.

This time, we are proud to support the world-class projects in UK, Australia, Europe, South America, the UAE and North Africa.

Sablono is featuring incident reporting, mobile access, RFI and submittals, residential, budget tracking, job costing and subcontractor management.


11. ProjectPro



ProjectPro is one of the best construction project management software that is powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central. This software is a cloud-based construction management solution that covers project accounting, resource management and customer relationship management modules to streamline business processes for the construction industry, contractors and real estate developers.

ProjectPro uses integrated data, improved transaction processing and robust reporting capabilities to lessen the time spend on processing information to improve the decision making of the business. The key features include project management with scheduling, project billing, account tracking, real-time project updates, materials coordination and planning as well as document tracking.

With ProjectPro, your business will be able to estimate precise cost projections. Manage resources and equipment, view project schedules and monitor inventory and job material levels as well as monitor KPIs. The users will also able to drill-down into the key aspects of a project like labor and materials along with 40 construction-specific reports.

ProjectPro comes with the features including accounting integration, budget tracking, job costing, change orders, contract management, commercial, CRM, equipment tracking, estimating, mobile access. Incident reporting, residential, RFI and Submittals and subcontractor management.


12. Onware

12 Best Construction Project Management Software For Your Businesses 1


Onware is just another cloud-based and user-centric construction management software. It offers easy-to-use features so that it is widely used by the bidders and contractors. This software comes along with an integrated smart approach towards increasing productivity and efficiency of the construction companies.

Onware processes the data in a real-time analytics and visualization tool so that the companies are able to handle the major projects easily. Greatly, this software is updated constantly with the new versions and features to make the work processes easy.

There are some features offered by this software. Those are change orders, contract management, RFI and submittals, contractors and subcontractor management.

According to the expert, Onware is flexible and time-saving software for construction project management. It can work anytime and anywhere as long as there is a strong internet connection. All in all, it is just excellent helpdesk support.



Overall, the best construction project management software is cruelly necessary to help businesses well-managed. Considering that accomplishing an administrative task is not as easy as we may think of, the use of software proves to be very helpful. Nowadays, it is a must to use such software in maintaining all the must-do projects.


FAQ: Best Construction Project Management Software

What Are Construction Project Management Software?

Construction project management software are pieces of software that are used in the planning, scheduling, and documenting stages of construction projects. There are different types of construction project management software available for use in the industry.

What Are Best Construction Project Management Software For Your Businesses?

There Best Construction Project Management Software For Your Businesses: Procore, Oracle Aconex, CMiC, HeavyBid, Contractor Foreman, Fluix, ConstructionOnline, Dynamics SL, BuildingConnected, Sablono, ProjectPro, Onware

construction project management software for small business

With this construction project management software for small business, you can take care of everything from scheduling, estimating and bidding for the job, managing payments and invoices among other things. You can also get help with creating contracts, handling documents, maintaining communication with all members involved in a project and keeping records of field reports and timesheets. This will save you time and money, both which are very important for your business.

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