14 USTVGO.TV Alternatives In 2023 | Best Sites like USTVGO to Watch Free Live TV Channels

If you are wondering about the best sites like USTVGO, then you are on the right path. In case you don’t know it, USTVGO.TV  is a website where you can watch live TV from American TV channels or programs. This site is different from the others because it won’t be packed with annoying ads or lame user interfaces. On the contrary, the website has very clean and straightforward design. The ads are fewer. In some cases, there are none. If you use it, you should be able to watch CBS, Disney, HBO, Cartoon Network, truTV, Fox Sports, History, NBC, CNN, Cinemax, and so much more.

What makes USTVGo special is the simple video player. It loads swiftly with buffer-free streaming quality, even with decent internet. The service is also free, which makes it ideal for those who have limited budgets but want to enjoy high-quality entertainment.

You may be surprised to find out that there are many alternatives to the USTVGo out there. Yes, there are still other services with the same quality as this service. Although there are many lousy streaming sites, but there are still some promising ones out there. And USTVGo is included in the list. So, what are other best sites like USTVGo that you can access?


14 USTVGO.TV Alternatives In 2023 | Best Sites like USTVGO to Watch Free Live TV Channels

USTVGO.TV Shut Down: Sorry, We are Closed” All users panicked and started looking for ways to USTVGO.TV Alternatives and also we found many users discussing on Reddit threads, where they shared sites similar to USTVGO.TV. Well if you are a fan of sports channels and online TV streaming, here is a list of the best USTVGO.TV alternatives that you can try out.


1. 123TVLIVE



If you want to watch movies or channels from America or the UK, this is the service to access. You are free to watch movies, infotainment, entertainment, sports, kids, and news programs without fussy arrangements. 123 tv live is absolutely free, and yet the operation is quite straightforward.

Many users state that their experience is nice and it is a breeze to explore the website. There are tons of things to love about the service. It doesn’t have any pop-ups. It doesn’t have ads. It even doesn’t require you to register. The website even has this nice video player that looks similar to Youtube, and the player has smooth operation. In case you want to watch channels, there are also schedules for the running shows (as well as the upcoming ones). If you are looking for a premium service without paying a dime, this is the site you should visit.


2. FreeInterTV

Best Sites like USTVGo


This is another entertainment streaming service operating online. And the coolest thing about it is that it is a free internet TV. In fact, it has a similar operation to USTVGo, which means that if you are familiar with USTVGo, then you should have no problems navigating this site. Aside from the easy navigation and convenient operation, this one has impressive tons of collections.

Be sure that all of the content are updated and new because they make sure that they do it regularly. No need to worry about buffering or annoying ads. This site doesn’t have such a thing. The website may not be the best. In fact, it is a bit outdated, like the old look from the 90s and it has been left forgotten. But when it comes to quality, FreeInterTV won’t disappoint you.


3. UStream



Want to have another free service for your favorite TV streaming content? You should check Ustream which offers around 200 channels in various categories, including entertainment, movies, sports, and others. No need to worry; the channels are premium and you won’t have to spend anything. The quality of the contents is pretty good and decent. Not the wowest thing but the image still works quite well with clear pictures.

The biggest issue is probably the ads, which may come as click ads or pop-up types. Feel free to install adblocker, but it may affect the stream. So, if you install it and your stream doesn’t work, try to ‘turn off’ the adblocker first and see whether the stream works.

You should be able to watch MU TV, NFL Network, NBA TV, BT Sport, Disney Jr., Sky Sports, and others. It seems that the site’s biggest focus is on entertainment and sports, so it is worth checking for especially for you sports aficionados! As one of the best sites like USTVGo, this is definitely one of the services that you should visit.


4. Squid TV

squid tv


Don’t let the name fool you. You probably think it is silly or funny, but this service actually provides a pretty good service and content. You should be able to find tons of TV shows with premium channels. The service itself is free, which means that you can get quality contents without having to spend a dime.

They put everything into categories which will make exploration fun and easy. There are categories like Shopping, Sports and Recreation, Religion, Entertainment, Ethnic, Music, Education, Scientific, and News.


5. OK Live TV

14 USTVGO.TV Alternatives In 2023 | Best Sites like USTVGO to Watch Free Live TV Channels 1


OK Live TV is offering the ability to live streaming links without you having to pay anything. The coolest thing about this service is the fact that you don’t have to subscribe or register. When you come to the website, you only need to click on the provided link and you are good to go. The site has its own video player that is quite simple and straightforward. It even has low buffering time.

The channels and contents are premium with crisp quality. You should be able to stream channels from various genres of documentaries, movies, entertainment, sports, and even religious. Unfortunately, some people say that the site isn’t legit, so it is likely dealing with copyright issues. Moreover, some of the links may not work perfectly. But still, this is one of the best sites like USTVGo that you can include in your list for your entertainment.


6. LiveNewsMag



If you want to stream news programs or channels, but you don’t really want to pay for it, then LiveNewsMag would be the perfect option. As one of the best sites like USTVGo, this service will give you top-notch news channels from all over the world, especially from the Middle East, Europe, and the USA. If you are familiar with streaming SNN or MSNBC, then you should be familiar with this service.

The greatest thing about the service is its free nature. You should be able to watch the news content you like without paying a dime. All you need is a stable internet connection and you will be ‘entertained’ with new knowledge about the world. Unfortunately, the service doesn’t offer Catch-up or On-Demand contents.

They are only offering Real-Time broadcasts. There is also a sort of ‘synopsis’ for each channel, which gives you ideas of which one to turn to, in case you are clueless. In terms of website design, it isn’t so great, but it still gives you easy exploration and navigation around.


7. Sling TV

Sling TV


This is another promising website that you can use and access when you want to enjoy high-quality entertainment program. It offers various features and services, including pricing plan, various channels, and custom easiness. The quality is impressive and high in quality. Unfortunately, this isn’t a free service, but the pricing plan is quite affordable. There are several packages to choose from.

For instance, you pay for around $15 (a month) for the Orange Package, where you can access 31 channels containing mixes of entertainment, news, and sports. There is also the Blue Package for $15 a month and 45 channels. If you combine both packages, you only pay for around $25 a month.


8. YuppTV

YuppTV new


This is a streaming service offering their contents to Indian audience. Yes, they are targeting Indian viewers with the many shows, movies, and entertainment. If you are into Indian movies so much and you don’t want to spend a fortune to get your favorite Indian contents, then YuppTV would be an ideal pick for you. The service categorizes their shows into different sections of On-Demand, Catch-up content, and Live TV.

This would be a perfect channel if you like Bollywood production movies, including classic shows, like Kasauti Zindagi Ki. You only need to have an internet connection and you are good to go. You can also connect it to Fire TV, Roku, or Chromecast. No need to buy or have or install DVB, cable box, or satellite connection. It doesn’t require you to set up a contract either. Feel free to subscribe or unsubscribe whenever you want it to. The website design is nice and convenient, encouraging you simple exploration and navigation on your own.


9. DirectTV Now

DirectV Now


Do you know that AT&T actually has its own streaming service? Yes, they have DirectTV Now that provides services to interested users. The service focuses on internet TV that accommodates around 150 different channels. The service is a part of TunerMedia, which means that you can expect high-quality contents with impressive gigantic collections.

When it comes to variety, the service is one of the best sites like USTVGo. Feel free to check various categories and subjects, such as TV shows and Movies, as well as other subjects. They actually have their own app, but many users claim that it doesn’t have any use because of its many bugs and issues. But then again, the service has tons of mixtures for news, sports, music, and entertainment on their general channels. You won’t have any issue finding your favorite channels or program that you like. You may also choose installing the app, but it’s up to you. You are on your own, anyway.


10. Fomny TV

Fomny TV


It is included as an IPTV website that is offering high-quality content and also premium channels. You basically are able to watch different kinds of shows and movies from different parts of the world without difficulty. As one of the best sites like USTVGo, this service doesn’t only allow you to stream the contents, but you can also get suggestions and entries from previous users.

Not to mention that they have impressive massive collections that will keep you entertained for many hours and days. Unfortunately, it isn’t entirely free. The free contents are limited, while the paid ones are unlimited. Not to mention that the website is kind of poor and lousy. Some users have to get used to it before they can really like it. It’s not too bad, though, but it’s not the best either.


11. USTV247

14 USTVGO.TV Alternatives In 2023 | Best Sites like USTVGO to Watch Free Live TV Channels 2


USTV247 is a free online streaming service that allows users to watch live TV channels in a variety of categories such as movies, news, and entertainment. The best part about using this service is that it is completely free. As a result, no signup, registration, or subscription is required to use this service. This service, like USTVGO, allows users to watch hundreds of live TV channels from countries such as USA, UK, Turkey, France, Germany, Italy, and others. You can also visit their website to learn about the channels in each category as well as upcoming live shows. Aside from that, you can read what others are saying about this free online TV service in their review section.


12. Streamfare

14 USTVGO.TV Alternatives In 2023 | Best Sites like USTVGO to Watch Free Live TV Channels 3


Streamfare is one of the best USTVGO alternatives that provides LIVE streaming services for news. If you want to watch sports, news like FOX News, MSNBC, CNN, OAN, NEWSMAX, EURO NEWS, SKY NEWS – UK, RT- RUSSIA TODAY, AL JAZEERA NEWS, FRANCE 24, DW NEWS, ABC NEWS – AUSTRALIA, INDIA channels TODAY NEWS, CBS NEWS, BLOOMBERG and more. This site is ad-free so you don’t need to panic with ads that interfere with your online activities. You can watch via smartphone, PC via a web browser.


13. Pluto TV

Pluto TV App

Pluto TV


Pluto TV is one of the best live TV streaming services available, with over 250 TV channels. Its channel lineup includes news, sports, politics, and entertainment, among other things. Pluto TV allows customers to watch their favorite movies, reality shows, and comedy specials. The fact that Pluto TV is free is what makes it so appealing. Pluto TV also allows users to record their favorite shows for free. It also provides new customers with a 3-day free trial. This service is accessible via Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and Amazon Fire TV.

Pluto TV, in addition to providing free entertainment content, also provides video on demand content. Its video library includes everything from classic shows like Family Guy and The Simpsons to cult favorites like


14. Usnewson.com

14 USTVGO.TV Alternatives In 2023 | Best Sites like USTVGO to Watch Free Live TV Channels 4


USNewson is a news aggregator that aggregates and displays daily US newscasts from multiple streaming websites within a single app. It also provides the same information in text format for those who are unable to watch television, such as at work or school.

You can use Live Stream as a source to gather live streams of TV channels such as ABC News, CBS News, CNN News, NBC News, and others.



Those are some of your options if you are looking for reliable services that will keep you entertained, whether it is about movies or entertainment, or news updates. Although, many users are sad that USTVGO.TV has been shut down, but some of the alternatives above could be your best options.

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