14 Best USTVGO Alternatives To Watch Live US TV For Free

If you are wondering about the best sites like USTVGO, then you are on the right path. In case you don’t know it, USTVGO.TV  is a website where you can watch live TV from American TV channels or programs. This site is different from the others because it won’t be packed with annoying ads or lame user interfaces. On the contrary, the website has very clean and straightforward design. The ads are fewer. In some cases, there are none. If you use it, you should be able to watch CBS, Disney, HBO, Cartoon Network, Fox Sports, History, NBC, CNN, Cinemax, and so much more.

What makes USTVGo special is the simple video player. It loads swiftly with buffer-free streaming quality, even with decent internet. The service is also free, which makes it ideal for those who have limited budgets but want to enjoy high-quality entertainment.

You may be surprised to find out that there are many alternatives to the USTVGo out there. Yes, there are still other services with the same quality as this service. Although there are many lousy streaming sites, but there are still some promising ones out there. And USTVGo is included in the list. So, what are other best sites like USTVGo that you can access?


14 Best USTVGO Alternatives To Watch Live US TV For Free

1. 123TVLIVE



Many people are looking for alternatives now that USTVGO.TV has shut down. 123TVLIVE is a great replacement option to consider. Like USTVGO, 123TVLIVE allows you to watch live US television channels from abroad for free online. They have a large selection of popular channels from networks like ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and more.

123TVLIVE works on any device with a web browser like computers, phones and tablets. No signup or downloads required – just go to their website and start watching. The video quality is usually good and you can change channels quickly. There may be an occasional ad as you browse but in general it’s an ad-free experience.

Unlike other free streaming sites, 123TVLIVE rarely has buffering or playback issues even with average internet speeds. The site interface is also cleanly designed and intuitive to use. You can see what’s on now across different genres of programming like movies, news, kids shows and sports. Customer support is available if you have any problems.

Overall, 123TVLIVE is a great USTVGO.TV alternative for those looking to stream live US television abroad for free. It offers a reliable and easy-to-use platform on any device. With large channel selections from major networks, 123TVLIVE allows you to keep up with your favorite shows when traveling or living overseas.


2. FreeInterTV

Best Sites like USTVGo


FreeInterTV is a great website to watch live US TV channels for free online. Many people are looking for alternatives since USTVGO shut down. FreeInterTV works like USTVGO but is still available. You can watch channels from NBC, BBC, SKY News, HBO, FOXand more without requiring any fees or logins.

The picture quality on FreeInterTV is usually clear, even with a normal internet connection. You won’t have lots of buffering or loading screens like some other free sites. It also has different types of channels, like movies, news, kid’s shows, and sports. Everything loads quickly so you can change channels fast. Customer helpers are there if you have questions.

FreeInterTV is an easy option for people who want simple TV abroad without installing apps or paying. Just go online anywhere and watch your favorite American shows from the big networks. You don’t have to sign up with emails or passwords either. Overall it’s very user-friendly for watching live US television worldwide without any cost or problems. Give it a try if you need an alternative to USTVGO.


3. UStream



Many people are looking for options to watch live US TV online since USTVGO shut down. UStream is a good free site that can replace it. With UStream, you can watch streaming channels from networks like Fox, NBC and ABC without signing up.

UStream works on phones, tablets, laptops or computers with just a web browser. No downloads or apps needed. Just go to the UStream website and start watching your favorite shows immediately. The video quality is usually clear and it doesn’t take long to change between channel options.

While the channel selection on UStream is smaller than services with subscriptions, it has plenty of variety for news, movies, and sports. It’s also very easy to browse and find what you want to watch. UStream runs smoothly on average internet speeds too without stopping to buffer. Overall it’s a reliable free way to stream live US TV abroad when you need a new option.


4. Squid TV

squid tv


Squid TV has become a popular free alternative for cord cutters and expats since the closure of USTVGO. The live TV streaming site currently offers over 100+ channels from networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and more. With a heavy focus on news, sports and entertainment, it has all the top channels needed to stay up-to-date with shows airing back in the US. According to users, video quality is consistently clear across devices up to 720p resolution.

What sets Squid TV apart is its stable performance across all internet connections. Powered by a global CDN, streaming remains smooth without buffering even on slower speeds or cellular data abroad. The web-based interface loads quickly to get users watching immediately without software downloads. Squid TV prioritizes an optimized user experience, as reflected by its minimalist yet intuitive channel guide and search features.

Although a free service, Squid TV continues to expand its channel offerings every few months based on popularity. New additions currently include niche programming from AMC, Disney Channel and Hallmark. 24/7 customer support is accessible by live chat, email or social media to help the growing global audience of expats.

In summary, Squid TV has established itself as a top alternative to USTVGO for reliable, ad-free streaming of US networks worldwide. With consistently high video quality and frequent updates, it remains one of the best free options for cord cutters abroad to stay connected to home.


5. OK Live TV

14 Best USTVGO Alternatives To Watch Live US TV For Free 1


Many people are searching for a replacement for USTVGO to watch free live US TV online. OK Live TV could be a suitable alternative option. Unlike paid services, OK Live TV allows users to stream live channels completely free without signing up or subscriptions. All you need to do is click on the streaming links provided on their website.

The site runs smoothly with its simple built-in video player. Users report it has low buffering times even on average internet connections. OK Live TV provides access to premium channel content from various genres like movies, shows, news, sports and more in crisp HD quality. However, some report the site may face copyright issues which could affect link stability.

While the no-signup feature is convenient, the trade-off is link reliability since content owners actively work to remove unauthorized streams. When links are active though, the quality of channels is on par with major services. For occasional viewing, it’s a feasible free solution.

So, OK Live TV presents aliberal option for free access to live US TV abroad without commitments. However link instability remains an issue. So it serves best as a backup rather than primary source, still better than no access till a paid alternative is found. Overall worth a try while search continues for a new service to replace USTVGO.


6. LiveNewsMag



If you want to stream news programs or channels, but you don’t really want to pay for it, then LiveNewsMag would be the perfect option. As one of the best sites like USTVGo, this service will give you top-notch news channels from all over the world, especially from the Middle East, Europe, and the USA. If you are familiar with streaming SNN or MSNBC, then you should be familiar with this service.

The greatest thing about the service is its free nature. You should be able to watch the news content you like without paying a dime. All you need is a stable internet connection and you will be ‘entertained’ with new knowledge about the world. Unfortunately, the service doesn’t offer Catch-up or On-Demand contents.

They are only offering Real-Time broadcasts. There is also a sort of ‘synopsis’ for each channel, which gives you ideas of which one to turn to, in case you are clueless. In terms of website design, it isn’t so great, but it still gives you easy exploration and navigation around.


7. Sling TV

Sling TV


Sling TV is a popular live TV streaming service that could make a good replacement option. Unlike free sites, Sling TV offers reliable access to channels through managed subscriptions starting at $35 per month.

For the cost, Sling provides a robust channel lineup including major networks like ABC, NBC, Fox, ESPN and more. They have different packages available depending on preferred content like news, entertainment or sports. The video quality is consistently high definition with minimal lag across devices.

A major advantage of Sling is their wide app support for streaming on lots of devices including Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV and more. This allows for live TV viewing virtually anywhere through a unified interface. They also offer on-demand content from channels. Cloud DVR storage is included for recording select shows too.

While it requires a paid subscription, Sling TV offers stability, mobility and premium features that surpass free streaming sites. For regular users of USTVGO, it provides a seamless transition to continue accessing live US television without interruption wherever they may be.


8. YuppTV

YuppTV new


This is a streaming service offering their contents to Indian audience. Yes, they are targeting Indian viewers with the many shows, movies, and entertainment. If you are into Indian movies so much and you don’t want to spend a fortune to get your favorite Indian contents, then YuppTV would be an ideal pick for you. The service categorizes their shows into different sections of On-Demand, Catch-up content, and Live TV.

This would be a perfect channel if you like Bollywood production movies, including classic shows, like Kasauti Zindagi Ki. You only need to have an internet connection and you are good to go. You can also connect it to Fire TV, Roku, or Chromecast. No need to buy or have or install DVB, cable box, or satellite connection. It doesn’t require you to set up a contract either. Feel free to subscribe or unsubscribe whenever you want it to. The website design is nice and convenient, encouraging you simple exploration and navigation on your own.


9. DirectTV Now

DirectV Now


DirecTV Now lets you watch live TV online. They have different packages with channels. The basic package is Entertainment for $70. It has many channels like CNN, ESPN and food channels. For $75 you can get the Choice package. It has more sports channels like basketball and baseball. Or pay $105 for Ultimate with even more channels and movies. All packages give you recordings and 3 screens to watch at once.

You can also add premium channels like HBO. They cost extra each month. With DirecTV Now you can watch on many devices. Use the app on phones, TVs and computers. They have movies and shows you can download to watch later too.

DirecTV Now is a good deal. You save money if you sign up for 2 years. And you can watch anywhere with an internet connection. It’s easy to use on all your favorite devices.


10. Fomny TV

Fomny TV


It is included as an IPTV website that is offering high-quality content and also premium channels. You basically are able to watch different kinds of shows and movies from different parts of the world without difficulty. As one of the best sites like USTVGo, this service doesn’t only allow you to stream the contents, but you can also get suggestions and entries from previous users.

Not to mention that they have impressive massive collections that will keep you entertained for many hours and days. Unfortunately, it isn’t entirely free. The free contents are limited, while the paid ones are unlimited. Not to mention that the website is kind of poor and lousy. Some users have to get used to it before they can really like it. It’s not too bad, though, but it’s not the best either.


11. USTV247

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Many users are searching for a replacement for USTVGO now that it has shut down. USTV247 could be a good free alternative option to consider. Similar to USTVGO, it allows users to browse and stream hundreds of live TV channels from various countries all without needing to create an account.

USTV247 is ideal for cord-cutters who want simple access to live news, movies, shows and sports programming without subscription fees. You can watch your favorites seamlessly across devices via their lightweight mobile-optimized website. Plus enjoy upcoming programming previews and user reviews to discover new content.

While video quality can vary more than paid services, USTV247 makes up for it with zero costs and zero commitments. Loading is typically smooth even on average WiFi. Additional features include channel categories for easy browsing by region and genre.

Overall USTV247 provides a straightforward no-frills solution for viewers seeking international TV entertainment online completely gratis. It aims to fill the gap left by USTVGO with the same ad-supported model optimized for simple and immediate global television access. Worth a try for those still preferring free options over paid IPTV.


12. Streamfare

14 Best USTVGO Alternatives To Watch Live US TV For Free 3


Streamfare lets you watch many news channels for free. It’s a good option if you miss USTVGO. You get channels from all over, like CNN, Fox News and MSNBC from America. Also BBC from England and Al Jazeera from the Middle East.

There are no annoying ads on Streamfare. You can use your phone, tablet or computer to watch. No downloads needed, just go to the website. All the channels work well on any device you use. You won’t see ads pop up covering the news.

The site is fast. Videos load quickly so you don’t wait. The news keeps playing smoothly too. If your internet is slow, Streamfare still works good. You can see what shows are on each channel easily too.

Streamfare is perfect for people who like to stay up to date. Whether you watch a little or a lot, it has the news you want. And you don’t pay anything to use it. Everything is free!

Many folks like Streamfare because it runs well. No problems watching on the go. Great for keeping up with worldwide news however you want, wherever you go.


13. Pluto TV

Pluto TV App

Pluto TV


Pluto TV is a free streaming service with live and on-demand channels you can enjoy anytime. It has many of the same channels you saw on USTVGO like news, movies and TV shows. You don’t need an account to watch either.

Just go to the Pluto TV website or download the app for devices. Then you can scroll through different categories to find what you want. They have channels from MTV, NBC, CBS and more playing non-stop so you never miss out.

There are no subscriptions with Pluto TV. And you won’t get ads that pause your show. The commercials are short and play between programs. You can also plug in your headphones for private listening if you want.

More channels are added regularly so the options keep growing. News, comedy, reality shows – there’s something for everyone. Watch on your phone during your commute or on the big screen at home.

Pluto TV is very easy to use whether you are new to streaming or an experienced viewer. It makes enjoying free live and on-demand entertainment simple. No other service can compare for value and options.


14. Usnewson.com

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USNewsON is a new website for news. You can watch your favorite TV channels on it from your computer or phone. All the live news channels are together in one place. This makes it easy to find what you want to watch.

On USNewsON you don’t need to pay for cable. The channels come from free places on the internet. You can watch on your phone when you are not at home. Or you can watch on your laptop anywhere – like at work during your lunch break. The news is always streaming live so you never miss anything.

It’s fun to check USNewsON during big events too. When there are elections or big storms, all the coverage is right there. You don’t have to flip between different apps wondering who has the best reporting. Everything is organized neatly on the USNewsON site. You can even pull it up on a smart TV and watch from your couch like regular cable.

The best part is you pick what you like. Do you prefer CNN for politics? Or maybe Fox for business news? USNewsON has them both and more. Watch anything stress-free without paying for extra channels you don’t want. And the site works well on any device without issues. USNewsON makes keeping up with the news easier than ever before.



Those are some of your options if you are looking for reliable services that will keep you entertained, whether it is about movies or entertainment, or news updates. Although, many users are sad that USTVGO.TV has been shut down, but some of the alternatives above could be your best options.

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