Boost Your SEO Rankings With Transcription Services

If you want to improve your SEO rankings, you surely need to get the most out of all known opportunities. The first few pages of search results include only so many links, and you have to do your best to create content that will generate new users and customers for you. So, if you faced this challenge, it is time to find a solution.


7 Ways to Ensure That Your SEO is on the Top

What if we tell you that you need to transcribe audio to text to succeed? This option doesn’t seem obvious, but it definitely comes with numerous advantages. Here are some ways that reliable transcription can boost your SEO.

Boost Your SEO Rankings With Transcription Services



It’s great if you have podcasts, video interviews, webinars, and other educational content on your site. The problem is that search engines only see text, and this makes the task of attracting new users very difficult. This is why you need to create a blog where you will post transcripts of your audio and video files. Every time your target audience members search for information on the Internet, they will receive a link to your platform. And the more valuable content you place, the better your chances of getting on the first pages and outperforming competitors in that niche.


Even those users who are good at listening to information may need a text version. This means they can listen to your audio and then go back to the text to double-check the information, copy the link, clarify the unfamiliar word, etc. The more your listeners interact with your content in different ways, the greater their engagement, which means you can build more trusting relationships and strengthen connections. Besides, user engagement is a great tool when it comes to marketing purposes. If you want these people to buy something from you, you definitely should ensure that they are absolutely into your content.


Have you ever thought about monetization for your audio or video content? It is a real challenge unless you’re a famous blogger with thousands of subscribers. However, there is a simple solution. When you’re converting audio to text, you can use this document to run ad platforms and boost revenue streams. Besides, you can experiment with different types of content as well, e.g., create newsletters, info products, e-books, slide shows, and even applications that will bring you fame and money. The more different ways you deliver your ideas, the more goals you can achieve. Sounds inspiring, doesn’t it?



If you feel that you’re ready to go global, you surely need to expand your audience. Think about people who can’t access your content right now. We are speaking about:

  • People who can’t access audio podcasts or video content at work;
  • Hearing-impaired people;
  • People who don’t know your language or just study it;
  • People who prefer texts, etc.

As you can see, there are a lot of people who can be your subscribers, and you just have to reach them out. When you provide them with high-quality transcriptions, you achieve this goal. It is easier to add a podcast transcription in your blog or add human-written subtitles to your video than translate all the content. Use this option, and enjoy improved SEO rankings!

Keyword Optimization

It is a no-brainer that Internet users search for new content or services using keywords. Without transcriptions, you can help them with the title of the page or description only. But it is not enough, especially when you cover several topics at the same time. Audio transcripts will contain the words that you need, and therefore you’ll help online surfers to find your website.


Collaboration with other sites and content creators is a good strategy when you believe it can expand your audience. Professional transcription online services can help provide deeper knowledge to your future partners to organize a cross-promotion. So, if you have a couple of similar businesses on your mind and you want to share the same audience, transcribe your audio or video content.


It goes without saying that you really need to be very creative if you want to stand out among your competitors. You just can’t stop; it is necessary to generate interesting ideas and experiment with strategies all the time. And transcription can be your key to success. Analyze your competitors to find out if they transcribe their content. If not, well, you can be the first, and it will give you an edge. But if they already do it, you should immediately catch them up because you can’t take the dust.


Best Practices to Create the SEO-Friendly Content

Now that you know how you can actually benefit from transcription services, it is time to review your content strategy. You should think about SEO goals in advance, even before you record audio. Our experts shared some valuable tips with you:

  • Always keep SEO in mind. When you’re going to record a new podcast episode, you should think about topics and keywords that will attract more listeners. Of course, it is important to speak about something that you like, but it is also vital to ensure that this content is interesting to people that you’re working for. Plan your content strategy in order to optimize it, and it will help you to boost the quality with fewer hurdles.
  • Rely on good keywords. We have already mentioned that keywords are of great importance, but the point is that you should choose the right keywords. They should have low competition if you want to be on the top of the ranking. It is also necessary to consider high search volume and other criteria. If you don’t have enough time to dive deeper, you can hire an experienced SEO manager.
  • Work with professionals. Whether you hire an SEO expert, marketer, or online transcriber, you should ensure that this person knows one’s onions. While you’re great at content creation, they should be great at their jobs.

Wrapping things up, we want to emphasize that transcription services can open you a door to the world of new opportunities. Leverage this chance and take your content to the next level!

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