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Emailnator best free random gmail generator! Not many people understand or even realize that they can actually make use of Gmail’s temporary service. It’s because not many of us really know that creating a temporary mail is possible. We live in a world where everything is contradictory. Technology does bring a lot of benefits and features that should be helpful for our everyday lives and activities. And yet, it is like a double-edged sword. It is helpful and beneficial, and yet, it can deliver inconveniences and several losses.

This is what happens to emails, leading to the creation and existence of temporary email. The temporary email service can be quite confusing for those unfamiliar with it. You are probably wondering, why would I have a temporary email service if I can have a regular one? Let’s not forget that everything happens for a reason. And there are several (good) reasons why the temporary mail may be needed by people.


Regular vs Temporary Email

Everyone must have at least created an email once in their lifetime. Emails play quite a crucial role in our today’s lives. It is used to apply for a job. It is used to register for a service (movie streaming, music service, etc). It is used for work and schools. It is used for doing online shopping. It is used for social media access. In short, there is no way that you don’t have any emails today because of such a requirement.

Whereas most people believe that one email is enough, some may have another opinion. Many may only have one email address, but others may have more than one. There’s nothing wrong with it. After all, different people have different requirements, needs, and preferences when it comes to their own convenience and comfort.

When you sign up for regular mail (such as Google mail, Yahoo mail, Outlook Email etc), you are required to provide your own personal information. It is done for security and safety reason. Not to mention that you will need to take a while to get your email account confirmed and verified. Having the regular service will present you to risks of hacking. When someone is able to break into your email account, they should be able to take your personal information and take advantage of it.

This is when gmail temporary service comes up to the surface. As the Gmail alternative, this temp mail can come in handy. Whenever you are required to provide an email for something unimportant (to download something, to check out from online shopping website, etc), you can simply use this ‘fake mail’.


About Emailnator

Emailnator is one alternative to gmail temporary service


Emailnator is one alternative to Gmail temporary service you can generate many Gmail for free. Feel free to access other services, but if you want something reliable and trusted, then emailnator would be an ideal option. This is a (free) service where you can get instant temp mail for unimportant purposes. This service is mostly accessed to prevent spam to your mail or to prevent any hacking attempt to your personal info.

Keep in mind, though, that this kind of temporary email must not be used for crucial purposes or information. If you need emails for work or for paid streaming service, then you need to use your own regular emails. Only use the temp email for not-so-important usages and functions.

Just like other services, this emailnator has its own features, including:

  • Gmail mail. It means that this service can produce tons (basically limitless) gmail email addresses. Feel free to have Gmail create as many as you want, and enjoy the limitless flexibility (and also freedom)
  • It can be used to prevent spam. By creating your own temp mail, you don’t have to provide your real email address, so no one would send you tons of marketing contents, offers, and such things alike
  • This is compatible with any websites. Not all temp email generators are able to produce quality email address. Some of the top businesses may be able to include a special detection system that can somewhat detect these temporary emails. When you use shady temp email services, it’s possible that the results would be flagged and found out. But it’s not the case with this emailnator. Since they are able to generate real (gmail) addresses, your temporary emails won’t be found out, giving you free access to any site that you want.
  • Auto deletion system. Not all temp email generators are able to offer automatic deletion. As one of the most reliable gmail temporary services, emailnator is providing auto delete within 24 hours and also 7 days of backup. Quite convenient, eh?


The Offered Services

Aside the features offered by this trusted gmail temporary service, there are also several services that you can access when using this emailnator. What are they?

Emailnator: Temporary Disposable Gmail | Temp Mail | Email Generator 1


  • 10 Minute Mail

The website has its own slot, where you only need to click on the provided option. It’s usually in a bar ‘Generate New Email’. Copy the email address. You can use the (mail) address to any site that you like. The site will generally send an email to your gmail temporary address. When it happens, you only need to refresh the page. The email would appear within (your) inbox. When you have done using the email, simply close the page.

As the name suggests, this service will only provide a 10-minute service. The system has been designed with automatic timer 10 min, and that email will disappear on its own after you are done. There is no need to worry that you have to delete it manually or such a thing. It’s really convenient and easy.


  • Bulk Emails

As gmail temporary service, emailnator is also able to provide several email addresses altogether. In the event you need to provide more than just one email address, simply use this service. With Bulk Emails, this email generator is able to produce several email addresses at the same time, giving you fast, convenient, and easy service.


  • Compose Email

In the event you only need to send an email that would be disposed of afterward, without having to use your own email, this service also provides one. But you need to login into the site in order to use this feature. But it’s quite helpful when you want to send emails without using your regular ones.


Main Reasons why People Turn to Temp Email

Why is the main reason for people to use gmail temporary service? Mostly, they want to avoid spam that is usually done by marketing experts or marketing services. You see, when you register for a service or when you want to check out your online (shopping) cart, there is a reason why they would ask for your email address. They want to be able to send you updates, offers, and promotions for their businesses or services.

There’s nothing wrong about it, but unfortunately, this can be annoying as it would create spam emails. Imagine, if one business sends you at least an email every day, imagine how many emails you will get if 10 or 20 businesses (or brands) know your email address? It would be spammy and annoying, right? This is why such temporary email service is created. If you have a temporary and alternative email from gmail, for instance, you only need to provide such burner address, leaving your own regular email address intact, safe, and private. No more having to worry about being bombarded with spam mails.

Why not simply creating another email by using the regular service like yahoo or gmail? If you use this email, you can simply use it as a ‘dummy’ email when signing up for unimportant services that require you to provide the email address. Well, this method also works, but it takes quite a long process. First, you still have to provide personal information. Second, it takes at least several minutes to get approved and you finally get a new email. Third, the overall process is more complicated and lengthy when compared to the temporary email.


Possible Perks of Temporary Email

There are some obvious reasons why the alternative email is more likable than having to create a new regular email. First of all, you should be able to generate new email address quickly. Whereas making a new regular email require you to take at least several minutes, the temp email service only requires you several seconds. Second, you won’t have to provide any personal information or such thing alike when using the temporary email service. Simply click the provided button and voila! Your temp email address would be available soon enough.

Third, it gives you safer environment and surrounding because you won’t have to provide any personal or private info. People won’t be able to hack your email. How could they break into something that doesn’t actually exist? Fourth, this kind of temp email service supports automatic deletion. Some of the services may have auto system where the email address would immediately be disposed after a certain period of time or after being used. Some, however, may require you to delete it manually. Nevertheless, you are free to dispose the email address once you have used it. It limits the possibility of tracking.

Fifth, the ability to manage everything on your own is definitely handy. When you have the flexibility and freedom to manage your privacy (whether you can delete it or not, when you want it to be deleted, etc), it gives you a complete control of your operation and usage.



Does it mean that I can delete or dispose my temporary email?

Yes. That’s why it is called a disposable email. Others may call it a burner. Once the email is done when serving a purpose (you just need to provide email information), then you are free to delete it. It’s up to you, as the one creating the email, to decide whether you want to keep it or dispose it?


What if I forget deleting my email after I am done with it?

You can always choose a service where they provide automatic deletion. If you use their service, you won’t have to worry that others would be able to access the email. Automatic mechanism means that once the system detects your (email) activity, it will automate the system on its own.


How do I choose the right service for this temporary email?

Any service will do. You can find any random email generator out there, simply by accessing the search engine. Try it by yourself, and see how many lists you can get.


Does it mean that such a temporary email service doesn’t have any limitation or downsides?

No, it’ doesn’t work like that. You need to realize that nothing in this world can be 100% perfect. Although such temporary email service has more benefits and perks than the downsides, there are still some possible flaws. Don’t forget that it can be risky. But you should be able to ‘reduce’ the risks by strengthening your digital security, such as having solid antivirus, installing trusted software, and such thing alike.


Does it mean that I can trust emailnator?

Definitely. This is one of the trusted services when it comes to creating gmail temporary account.  When you use the service, you should be able to unlock all of its features – and you won’t even have to pay for a dime.


Do I have to pay for using this temporary email service?

No. Most of them provide free service, including emailnator. There are several services that may offer free as well as paid service. When you choose to use the paid one, you can access permanent domains and also addresses. But in general, using the temporary mail service doesn’t cost you anything.


What kind of personal information should I provide to use the service or to access the website?

Nothing! You won’t have to provide any private or personal info, if you happen to choose the paid service, you may be required to provide some personal info. But if you choose the free service, you won’t have to provide anything.


Final Words

Temp email may not be for everyone, but it can provide an alternative option for those who want something simple and fast, instead of having to use their own email address. Although there are many temp email generators out there, emailnator is definitely one of the best and also the most reliable. If you want a trusted gmail temporary service, consult this service.

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