Grubhub VS Doordash Comparisons from Various Factors

If you like ordering food and you’re kind of depending on the service, then the matter of Grubhub vs Doordash would be crucial for you. In this modern era where busy people can’t always cook their meal, having a service where food would be brought to your doorstep is totally helpful. Who doesn’t like the idea that you simply choose whatever menu or meal that you want, and then wait for it being delivered to you? You save yourself a breath – no need to deal with the traffic, no need to spend gas money, and so much other things.

Unfortunately, there are several delivery services out there – which can make the overall experience confusing and overwhelming. Do you really know which one to choose? Among Doordash, Grubhub,, Uber Eats, and Postmates, narrowing down your option can give you a headache. Although we are going to discuss only Grubhub vs Doordash, the knowledge itself can be quite handy, so you won’t have to worry about making options.


Grubhub vs Doordash – the Overall Comparisons

Grubhub vs Doordash


So, when you have to make comparisons about Grubhub vs Doordash, here’s the laydown based on each fact.

  • Grubhub is known best for deals while Doordash is best known for reputation
  • Grubhub serves 3,200 cities while Doordash serves 4,000
  • Grubhub servers 300,000 restaurants, similar to Doordash
  • Grubhub applies delivery fee of less than $7 typically, while Doordash is between $0 and $8
  • Grubhub charges $10 for Grubhub+ membership a month. It covers free two weeks trial, unlimited free delivery (from eligible restaurants), and also 10% cashback for every $100 that you spend. Doordash charges similar $10 for DashPass membership a month. It covers free a month trial, zero delivery fee (if you order from particular restaurants), low delivery service fee if you purchase for more than $12.
  • Grubhub can also be used to deliver alcohol, while Doordash can be used to deliver groceries as well as alcohol.


Details about Grubhub

According to users, this service has tons of positive traits, such as multiple payment method supports, delivery from local restaurants as well as national chains, and also extensive reach. The not-so-good aspect is the fact that services from some particular restaurants includes delivery fee.

The company has been around for 15 years – they have just celebrated their 15th year of anniversary. With this fact alone, you can tell that they have become one of the best established (food) delivery services in the United States. Their platform currently features up to 300,000 different restaurants within 3,200 cities – and the numbers only apply in America alone. They often charge less than $7 for the delivery, but if you have Grubhub+, you should be able to enjoy unlimited free delivery – and from thousands of restaurants. You can also find Grubhub in the UK, in London, as they have a branch there.

Besides getting 10% cashback for $100 you have spent, the company also provides various discounts and special benefits – this is especially beneficial for new users. Feel free to enjoy $5 off at the local smoothie shop or free delivery when you order Subway.

Be advised, though, that their app can be a bit busier when compared to other apps. However, they have amazing extensive search options, helping you locate when you want to order quickly. You can sort through different restaurants by distance, rating, cuisine, delivery fee, and even new establishments within the neighborhood. Using the app alone is free. You can download and install it. However, if you decide to subscribe and be a member, you can actually enjoy more perks, including discounts, cost reductions, and so much more.

During COVID-19 pandemic situation, Grubhub has taken careful and smart arrangement. The company established the so-called Grubhub Community Relief Fund, allowing you to ‘collect’ the order to the nearest establishment. You can donate the change to charities and organizations that support local drivers and restaurants affected by the pandemic.

They also have Supper for Support initiative that receives $10 off (from your order) of $30 and more. This program is only available at the participating establishments or restaurants from 5PM to 9PM. A good way to be involved in the community, for sure.


Details about Doordash

There are 5 different delivery services in America, and Grubhub and Doordash are almost similar in many ways – thus, resulting in Grubhub vs Doordash comparison. Grubhub had always been on the top spot, but Doordash was able to overtake the position in 2019. The company is relatively new when compared to Grubhub and its 15 years of experience. Doordash was founded in 2013, and the company now serves more than 300,000 restaurants within more than 4,000 cities in America. When you are in Canada or Australia, you should be able to find Doordash too because they have the service there.

Grubhub VS Doordash Comparisons


Just like Grubhub, the delivery fees are various on Doordash. However, their typical fee ranges from $2 to $8. Doordash has its own subscription program, the DashPass, that can give you zero delivery fees in general, zero delivery fees from certain restaurants, and also reduced service fees if your order exceeds $12. Just like Grubhub, Doordash also provide various discounts and deals. Their priorities are often for first-time users. If you are one of them, make use of free delivery fee if you order for more than $10.

Just like Grubhub, the app can be a bit tricky and complicated. But many users find out that it is actually easier to navigate – than Grubhub. You can use the filter to choose what kind of food you like, ratings, price, and more. To make the experience more convenient, they also list the estimated (delivery) time as well as the delivery fee for every restaurant.

For those who have used the service, they claim that the options of both national chains and local eateries are convenient – enabling users to choose the variety of food they like. Not to mention that the app is nice to use – it has good recommendation system to help you discover restaurants quite easily. Some of the not-so-good sides include various delivery fees. The reach isn’t as extensive as Grubhub.

During COVID-19 pandemic situation, Doordash has taken precautionary steps. The company understands how the pandemic has affected local communities and businesses. That’s why Tony Xu, the CEO and co-founder has announced about a package of marketing support and commission relief to assist restaurant partners – so they can increase their revenue during this difficult time.

The company also has programs that will provide health protection and financial assistance for their couriers. They have worked together with community organizations to drop off food within hard-hit communities.


Working as Drivers

In the previous sections, we talk about the benefits for users or customers. But what if you want to work as the driver – and get extra money delivering food? Well, if you want to work for Doordash, you can use your scooter, motorcycles, bike, or car to deliver the food. You will be called a Dasher. And the coolest thing about the company is that they don’t mind if you also drive for their competitors, such as Instacart, Uber Eats, or Grubhub. The company even tells their Dashers that they can get more money. Feel free to open an app (or even more) and pick the order you want to complete.

If you want to work for Grubhub, know that they process around 516,000 orders within a daily basis. They have paid more than $3 billion to their drivers for the tips. Each company has their own mechanism or system to join, so if you are interested, simply follow the procedures to join and you can earn extra.


Final Words

In the end, you are free to choose either service or even both of them. They will give you tons of benefits and perks – whether as a customer or as a driver. Now that you already know the details of Grubhub vs Doordash, the decision rests in your hand.

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