How To Spy On Someone’s Facebook Activities Secretly and Remotely

Want to Spy on someone’s Facebook activities secretly? In these digital eras, people must be careful in involving themselves in social media. As the rising Facebook usage, you may see your children, students, or even spouse busy on their Facebook for hours. Thus, you need to know how to spy on someone’s Facebook activities to secretly monitor their online activities as you want them to be safe. This is due to the cybercrime that can happen anytime. Moreover, staying online too much on Facebook can ruin your relationship with your families.

In this regards, it is pretty important to spy on someone’s Facebook activities without letting him/her know. Also, employers may want to track their employees Facebook messages to ensure that they are not wasting the working hours just to stay online on Facebook. In short, this spying means that there won’t be something wrong done with Facebook.

So here is how to spy on someone’s Facebook activities secretly.


How To Spy On Someone’s Facebook Activities Secretly and Remotely

How To Spy On Someone’s Facebook Activities Secretly


Using spy apps is the common way of monitoring someone’s online activity on his/her social media. The apps are usually packed both in free and paid version. This way, there are some spy apps that you may want to know to help you spy on someone’s activity, especially on Facebook. So let’s check out the apps’ features in order that you can choose the suitable apps to use.


Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro is a Facebook spy app with the features of reading chats and view multimedia files like photos and videos, checking messages with the exact date and time, and reading Facebook chats copied from the target phone on your dashboard.

Beneficially Spymaster Pro offers fuss-free usage along with the user-friendly feature. This app is able to remotely monitor everything in a hidden mode. Further, it also offers no installation and no-jailbreak solution if you are using iPhone. You don’t either need to root if you are using Android.

If you are using iPhone, here’s what to do:

  1. Grab the iCloud credentials of the target phone.
  2. Get the iPhone spy software.
  3. Follow the Spymaster Pro iPhone installation guide.
  4. Once you finished with the installation, you can get started to track your target’s Facebook activities on the Spymaster Pro dashboard.

If you are using Android, here’s what to do:

  1. Grab the Spymaster Pro Android app from the Spymaster Pro official website.
  2. Go for the premium subscription.
  3. Pay for your purchase.
  4. Wait for the confirmation email that will be sent to you.
  5. Follow the link given to download Spymaster Pro app.
  6. Follow the Spymaster Pro Android installation guide.
  7. In five minutes, you will finished the installation. Afterwards, you will be able to view and read someone’s Facebook activities including the messages.



For the best action on how to spy on someone’s Facebook activities, Snopza is considered the best Facebook Messenger spy. This app is available for free. It is designed to allow you to track chats, calls, messages and images on someone else’s Facebook.

Snoopza offers a hidden way to track someone’s activities on social media like Facebook. This way, you can track the messages that are usually used to send messages privately by the users. It is because messages is not for public. If you want to say something secretly, then you can use Facebook messages, right? Thus, track your target’s Facebook messages by following these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for your online account in Snoopza by entering your email and creating a password. Note, this is absolutely free.
  2. Download the Snoopza app and install it from your online account.
  3. Once you are finished with the download and installation, you can start tracking and spying your target’s Facebook activities in your account.

Note, there is no additional settings in Snoopza. It is pretty easy to use it.



mySpy is another best Facebook monitoring app that is available and usable as a parental control. It can be used across different mobile devices. Why is it called a parental control monitoring app? Well, this app is able to allow you to control your children’s online activities from Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

What makes this app great as a parental control app is that it supports multiple languages for both paid and a trial versions for the users. With this app, you can monitor everything going on the target’s device, not only the Facebook activities but also the address book, call history, email, browser history and etc. you can also remotely control the target’s device by restricting the messages and calls as well as block specific websites and apps to keep your children (the target) safe online.

If you are wondering what you spouse is chatting on her/his Facebook account, mySpy help you view all of he/she is doing.

Here are the step-by-step guide on how to spy on someone’s Facebook activities with mySpy:

  1. Create mySpy account in mySpy’s official website.
  2. Select Device & Download mSpy option. In this case, you must choose the device you are going to use the app on. This step is important since it is to verify the compatibility of the app with the device.
  3. Wait for the installation that takes only 5 minutes. Once it is completed, you can go to the next step.
  4. Choose your plan.

In this step, there are some selections of plan ranging from monthly plan package to quarterly and yearly premiums packages. If you want to monitor the target’s device for a long period of time, the annual premium package is very much suitable.

  1. After choosing a plan and make a payment for the plan, you can start monitoring your target’s Facebook activities.

There are some benefits you can derive if you use mSpy app to spy on someone’s Facebook activity. This way, you will be able not only to view a secret conversation of your spouse in his/her Facebook messenger but also to monitor the timeline for updates and general information that is read very often, see the currently added friends, view all the comments though someone else is not in the friend list and even delete messages that you likely thing they are not good.

Use Log On Facebook

Using spy apps is not the only way to spy on someone’s Facebook activities. If you are afraid to pay for the subscription required by the apps, try use log on Facebook. In this method, you don’t have to deal with a password since you can see someone’s log on Facebook activities without a password.

This method is limited, however, it is sometimes very helpful to provide you access to your target’s activity on Facebook. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Check the recent activities of your target by using the Facebook Side Tab.
  2. Make sure your target is in your Facebook friends list.
  3. Click Facebook Side Tab to access the target’s new posts and comments.
  4. You will get notification every time the target gets a new friend, joins a group, posts something and etc.

This method allows you to spy on your target’s Facebook activity without using any spy app. For some users, this method is too limited. However, it can help monitor and control your way of protecting your children or other family members from cybercrime or other bad things.

Final Words

All in all, using Facebook spy app is the most common way on how to spy on someone’s Facebook activities. In relation to the app, Spymaster Pro, Snoopza and mySpy are the widely used Facebook app that are quite effective to help you monitor what your targets are focusing on their Facebook.

While using spy app proves to be effective, you can also try to use log on Facebook at which you don’t have to download and install any app. Which one to use is your personal choice.

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