Mobile Tracker Reviews: Expanded Mobile Trackers and Helpful Tips

Mobile Trackers can help you monitor your children and loved ones, but there are so many to choose from. Which one should you buy? What features do they have? How much do they cost?

In this article, we will review a few of the most popular mobile trackers on the market today.

We also include some helpful tips that may be useful in making your decision about which one is best for your needs!


What is a mobile tracker?

A mobile tracker is an application on a cell phone that allows the user to find his or her phone when it is in an unknown location.

Mobile trackers are also sometimes known as GPS Trackers or GSM Trackers and they come in many different shapes, sizes, and forms including clip-on devices which attach to the phone so they cannot be removed; adhesive stickers with SIM card slots.

A mobile tracker is a device that can be installed on your phone to track its location.


Why should you use a mobile tracker

  • Know Where Your Child Is
  • Locate Your Device
  • Track Your Employees

Monitor a Mobile Device on the Move

Mobile trackers are small devices that use GPS to monitor the location of a person.

These mobile tracking systems use aerial, satellite, Wi-Fi access points and other methods to pinpoint where someone is located on any given day.

Mobile Tracker Reviews


The use of these types of products has become increasingly popular with parents who want peace of mind while their kids go off in search of adventure.

Many moms and dads have found this type of technology invaluable when it comes to monitoring their child’s whereabouts.

But what about all those people who don’t have children? Why should they be interested in using one if they’re not worried about losing them?

One of the most common reasons for people to use a mobile tracker is because they’re worried about losing their child.

Many parents are turning to these products as an extra tool when it comes to monitoring their children’s whereabouts. This is very helpful for busy, working moms and dads who want the peace of mind that they know what their kids get up to while at school or out with friends. Even if you don’t have any kids, there are some other really good reasons why someone might use one too.

Some adults use cell phone trackers because they find it useful to keep tabs on spouses, friends.

For instance, many adults use cell phone trackers so they can keep tabs on spouses or friends during trips abroad without having them report back every few hours.


How to find the best app for your needs

The best advice is to use the app you’re most comfortable with. Some people use a family-planning application that they have on their phone, while others may use an online service.

It’s also important for parents who are considering using these apps to research what type of information is being collected and how it can be used by third parties (such as advertisers).

It depends on personal preference. If you are looking into investing in one then consider all your options first before making the purchase.

There are several different types with various prices that vary from free to monthly subscription fees so be sure you know what type will work best for you before buying anything at all.

Some have auto-renewal subscriptions like our website does which means once they’re paid off they continue on their own without any further input needed.


The pros and cons of using a mobile tracker

Pros to using a mobile tracker – use it for emergencies, monitoring children and pets while you are away from your home.

The cons – of using this kind of device are that people use it as an excuse for cheating on their spouses or even employers use them as a way to monitor employee’s movements which could be seen as invasive or wrong depending on how strict one’s company policy (and laws) is. These issues have been solved with new technology and more work put into developing these devices so we’ll explore both sides of pros and cons later in other words in this case.


How to install the app on your phone and how it works

How to install the app on your phone and how it works


To get started using your phone of course you’re going to need the app installed on your device before anything else so let’s go ahead and take a look at that next.

The first thing to do is download the app from apps sites or use one of our links on this page and install it like any other application.

Once you’ve done that, open up the app and log in with your phone number which needs to be verified beforehand by doing so manually through text message for example if they’re not already saved as a contact.

You can then go ahead and set up how frequently you want messages and notifications sent out automatically according to your preferences but at least initially we recommend setting them fairly high because otherwise, it will just seem like something’s wrong when nothing is with your device every time you receive another notification.  It also doesn’t hurt to make use of location tracking either since that’ll let people know


The key fact for use mobile tracker in your phone

Mobile trackers use accelerometers to detect motion which then triggers the device’s GPS antenna. This is how it knows where you are and follows your progress on maps similar to what Google Maps would do, but with more accuracy because of the use of satellite signals rather than just Wi-Fi networks.

  • Use the map function on the app to find out where you are.
  • Use compass mode to get a sense of which direction you’re heading if you don’t feel like using maps.

The best use is that it can also track other people’s movements, such as wayward children or pets.

This last part isn’t too common because most phones sold now have built-in GPS and motion sensors anyway, but it still works with some Android devices (such as those made by Samsung).

To know exactly where you are at any time: this doesn’t just mean keeping tabs on when you leave work


Best Cell Phone Tracker App

Mobile Phone Tracker – The use of a mobile tracker is an excellent way for parents to monitor the whereabouts and safety of their children.


Expanded Mobile Trackers and Helpful Tips


Hoverwatch mobile spy software can be installed on company-provided devices to track employees, which will eliminate any chance that they may use those devices inappropriately or use personal time for work.

The app monitors everything they do: from texts/calls made by monitored person make use of the phone, web browsing history, chats & photos taken, and more.

The geotagging feature gives parents peace of mind about where kids are – whether it’s halfway around the world or just across town.

With Hoverwatch you’ll get extra features like recording calls (even if your child turns off their microphone), SMS tracking with GeoFencing


Pricing Policy

Hoverwatch has three different pricing slabs for families, personal users, and business owners.

Devices1 Device5 Devices25 Devices
1 month$24.95$49.95$149.95
3 month$59.95$99.95$299.95
1 year$99.95$199.95$499.95

It is available to families for $39.95 per month or $199.95 per year and users can monitor up to 5 devices.

While for personal users it is available for $19.95 per month or $99.95 per year and they can use it to monitor one device only.

Lastly, business users are allowed to track up to 25 devices and they have to $149.95 per month fee or an annual fee of $499.95.


FAQ:Mobile Tracker Reviews

Is mobile tracker safe?

Answer: Yes. Yes, the app is safe to use not just by you but by your friends and family also. To keep it that way, configure a mobile tracker through your Google account so that you have control over who can see the information about where you are and what device is active at a particular time. This way, only people in your inner circle will have access to data that could be used for misleading purposes and the spread of rumors against you.

Is mobile tracker legit?

Answer: Yes Yes, the app is legit. It's not a scam and it doesn't use malware or adware to get your information. But use caution when installing mobile trackers as there are some rogue apps out there that can do bad things like steal personal data from your phone which we don't want to happen.

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