StreamEast Live Alternatives: 17 Free Sports Streaming Sites Like StreamEast

If you have been using StreamEast for quite a while to get your sports entertainment and content, maybe it’s time for you to know other StreamEast Live alternatives that can improve your experience to the highest level.

StreamEast is a sports streaming website offering various sports subjects like cricket, NHL, MMA, NBA, UFC, MBL hockey, soccer, American football, tennis, and other categories. You can stream the content for free without having to worry about the quality.

Be advised, though, that although this site offers many sports categories, many of their contents are about cricket, golf, baseball, wrestling, tennis, and football. That’s why knowing the alternatives can be handy because you get to decide which site to use or watch, and which to focus on.


What is StreamEast?

StreamEast Live best free place to get sports streaming. Not everyone may know about StreamEast, on this site you can stream popular sports like NBA, UFC, NFL, WWE, PGA and more.


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Is StreamEast Live Legal And Safe?

StreamEast can vary depending on your location and the specific laws regarding copyright infringement in your country. Some countries have strict piracy and copyright laws and penalties for using such sites can be quite severe. For example, in countries like the United States, France, and Germany, using a site like StreamEast could potentially lead to legal repercussions. Other countries may not actively prosecute individuals for streaming unauthorized content, while a few may permit it all together.

As for safety, many free streaming services, including StreamEast, might have lax security, which could make users vulnerable to being hacked. They also often include malware, such as ransomware and spyware, which are usually disguised as advertisements and can compromise personal information or take control of your computer. Furthermore, cloning, often known as mirror sites, is a common issue with popular free streaming services. These mirror sites are established and controlled by parties unrelated to the original site and may be used to monitor your data or infect your device with malware.


How Does StreamEast Work?

StreamEast Live is a live sports streaming website that allows you to watch your favorite teams and sports for free. You can stream all the games from the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL, as well as soccer leagues like the Premier League and La Liga.


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Be careful because there are many sites like StreamEast that contain Viruses! Many dummy sites profit from advertisements and viruses. I advise you to always use antivirus and a VPN when accessing sites like StreamEast!


17  Top StreamEast Live Alternatives To Watch Live Sports Like NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, MMA , UFC, and football

There are many StreamEast alternatives out there that are reliable and risk-free, so you better be prepared before StreamEast is gone for good.

Here are we listed 17  Top StreamEast Live Alternatives To Watch Live Sports. Don’t miss them!


1. Nflbite

If you are looking for a free source for your sports entertainment and are into American football, then this site would be great for you. The specialty of this site is that it is new and you can get the free access quite easily.



Nflbite is a novel platform for Reddit NFL (American football) streams that won’t cost you a dime. As one of StreamEast alternatives, you can really focus on this subject. You may not be able to get information about the various sports categories, but you will get in-depth coverage about American football. And the best thing about the service is that it is compatible with almost every device. You can access it on your tablet, mobile device, or desktop. Being able to access it on the go is such a convenience.



This is another dedicated platform for a certain sports category but in hockey. If you are into hockey so much, then this site would be right up your alley! At this site, you can get everything complete about the sports. From videos to news, expect everything to be thoroughly discussed and mentioned.



The news category should be helpful if you want to know more about your favorite team or player. If you want to see old recaps or highlights, they have the special sections. They even have a store where you can buy hockey merchandise and items.

However, this site offers free and paid services and the coverage for the free service is pretty limited. If you want a total freedom, then you should upgrade it to the paid membership. If you want to watch the latest events or games – or even the live events – you can only do it with the paid membership. But if you don’t expect much and are already happy with the free service, feel free to continue.


3. Crackstreams

If you are looking for a similar site like StreamEast (streameast NBA)that is offering various categories in the sports area, then this one should be enough for you.

mma sport


This site has many different sports categories, such as boxing, MMA, NBA, NFL, and so much more. Not only they are offering different sports categories, but you can also watch the stream videos and contents without spending a dime.

Besides the stream contents, you can also get access to the news – still from various sports categories and sections. As one of the best and most reliable StreamEast Live alternatives, you can get a thorough information about your favorite sports, teams, or players.

And the fact that you aren’t only limited to the video contents (as you can also get the latest information from the news) is a nice addition to the service. Who says you need to spend a fortune to get high-quality sports content and entertainment?



If you want to get the latest news in the world of sports – I mean all sports categories – then you need to head to this site. You can get the free service without compromising anything.

StreamEast Alternatives


However, it is dedicated for news only – you may have to get the stream or live contents elsewhere. The site also has other links that may take you elsewhere once you click on them.

You can get complete and thorough information about different kinds of sports categories and events, and you will get the latest and newest update. But just don’t get your hopes too high on live videos or stream contents. For those, you may have to find elsewhere. The site offers free service but without the contents, it doesn’t seem complete – somehow.



This is one ‘fun’ sports website to explore and one of the best StreamEast alternatives. Not only you will get complete information about various types of sports categories, but the layout of the site itself is nice and convenient.



It is so easy to find each category and get in-depth knowledge about it. As one of StreamEast Live alternatives, this site offers quite a complete coverage.

Feel free to explore and find your favorite sports, like MMA, boxing, hockey, American football, soccer, and so much more. The contents are limitless – and you can enjoy various features from it. The best thing about the site is the free live streams and video contents. No need to worry about exploring the site. Simply click or search what you want from the box, and you will be taken there immediately. No fuss, no drama!



If you want to get live streams and video content without compromising quality and without having to spend money, then this would be the perfect site for you. VIPLeague is one of the best StreamEast Live alternatives (stream east ufc), you should be able to get access to those free contents without any complication.



The service is completely free. You will have different kinds of sports categories, such as boxing, UFC, MotoGP, Formula One, and so much more. You can even get information about darts and Australian rugby. But be advised, though, that you will be dealing with lots of ads.

In fact, there will be an ad every time you click on a link. But it is worth it because you can enjoy everything for free – and in high quality. If you want to get your sports sources and entertainment, this can be a good alternative pick for you – no charge would be needed.


7. Soccerstreams

This is another free sports website that will give you the ultimate satisfaction when it comes to enjoying your favorite sports. However, this site is only focusing on soccer (mind you, soccer is different from American football.



If you want to get different sports categories (you want to know more about racing, tennis, or boxing), you will have to go elsewhere – Soccerstreams isn’t the perfect spot for you.

But in this site, you will get access to matches, such as Barcelona vs Huesca – as well as the schedules. Moreover, you can also get the latest information through the news section. So, you can learn about the newest condition of clubs and players as well as being able to access their contents too. It’s such a good bargain, don’t you think?


8. Weakspell

This sports streaming site covers different sports categories – but not all. The site is focusing on CFB, NFL, and NBA so expect to get tons of information about those sports. The idea of this site is to operate like an online national TV where you can enjoy the unlimited options of teams and matches – for free. Yes, you won’t have to pay a dime to get the access.



And one of the best features is the fact that all of the contents are always updated and renewed. It means that you only get the latest and newest updates – you won’t be left behind. However, in order to be able to access the contents, you will have to register. No need to pay, though, because the free service is available. It’s safe to say that this is one of the best StreamEast Live alternatives if you want to enjoy high-quality sports content without spending anything.


9. Sportsurge



StreamEast is a legitimate and efficient tool to watch sports online. It lets you stream high-quality videos from your favorite live games such as football, nba or baseball. But the StreamEast website has been closed now.

Sportsurge is one of the leading portals to find sports streams from the most popular games such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, and NFL. Sportsurge provides its audience with top quality links which they can use to stream the games in HD quality.


10. Rojadirecta



Rojadirecta is a website that offers an option for live streaming sports. However, this website is currently banned in many countries due to the fact that it features copyrighted content. In order to bypass these restrictions, you can use a VPN service or proxy service. This will allow you to unblock Rojadirecta and watch your favorite sports event without having any problems.

Rojadirecta is a website that offers free access to watch the most popular sporting events in real-time. It’s the most popular streaming service of soccer, tennis, motorsports and other sports. If you’re one of those people who like to watch live sports streams right at your PC or smartphone, then Rojadirecta is what you need.



Best VipBox Alternatives for Live Sports Streaming


VIPBox is one of the best places to watch live sports streaming. Their main focus is on providing quality live streaming information for live sports events. Because they believe that every fan should be able to watch any sporting event live, they provide a wide range of different types of sports channels, including but not limited to soccer, basketball, tennis and more.

These channels are all available in HD quality and can be watched at any time. Best of all, you do not need a cable subscription to access these channels and can simply pay a small monthly fee that makes watching the games a breeze.

VIPBox is best streameast live alternative and you can enjoy all day with sports for free.



12. Sportlemon

StreamEast Live Alternatives: 17 Free Sports Streaming Sites Like StreamEast 1


The last thing you want to deal with on a Monday morning is your TV provider’s customer service line. You’d much rather be watching a game, but you’re stuck on hold forever and being transferred from one person to another. SportLemon takes the hassle out of watching sports by providing a great experience for streaming sports by offering all the content you want. Like Streameast live, here you also can stream all kinds of your favorite sports, however, it is particularly popular with fans of football.

This sports streaming website allows users to stream live sporting action at any given moment. It achieves this by its dependence on multiple streaming websites, in contrast to Stream east which pulls its content from national, regional, as well as global networks.


13. MyP2P



MyP2P is equally popular as Streameast live. If you are looking for a way to watch your favorite sporting events live streaming, myP2P will come in handy. MyP2P is a platform that offers free and legal access to the most popular sports events. All you need is an internet connection and you can use myP2P to watch any sports game you want.

You can watch NFL, NHL, NBA, or MLB games on the platform. You can also watch the latest soccer games and even other sporting events from different countries. There’s no need for a cable subscription or monthly fees.


14. CricFree



Crickfree is the best sites like streameast to enjoy free sports streaming. If you stay with cricket, you will get so many sports, including the, Boxing, NFL, NBA, Cricket, Baseball, UFC, and MotoGP.



15. Stream2Watch



Stream2Watch is one of the top free sports Best StreamEast Live Alternatives. It’s made to make it easier to enjoy live streaming of sporting on your smartphone or Laptop. This service is easy to use and offers a lot of high-quality content, which can be watched completely free of charge. With this site, users will be able to see a huge variety of games, including NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and also watch soccer games from major leagues all over the world. If you want to watch live streaming for free on your PC or mobile device and don’t know where to start looking, then this is an excellent place to look into.


16. Batmanstream



Batmanstream is one of the leading Streameast Alternatives and it’s the one that you should use to watch live streams of sports events without limitations. The streaming platform is easy to use and it doesn’t require registration for access to the content. You only need a reliable internet connection to enjoy efficient streaming anywhere.

The website is designed with many categories about sports, such as football, Moto GP, baseball, tennis, and much more. You won’t find these categories on StreamEast Live.

If you want to stay informed about everything related to online sports streaming, you should definitely check out Batmanstream, a reliable source that will give you access to a great variety of live videos.


17. MamaHD



MamaHD is a free site that allows you to watch live events online, just like Streameast. As with all of our readers, we’re always looking to save money, so I’ve been trying to look for more legitimate ways of getting my sports. I found out about MamaHD when I was on Facebook and there was a post about it being a good alternative to Streameast.

I tried it out and it’s true: if you want to watch your favorite sports in HD without worrying about annoying ads, this is the site for you. It’s easy to use; all you have to do is enter the page and the event you want to stream, and MamaHD does the rest. As soon as it starts playing, it will automatically fill up the entire screen of whatever device you’re using, giving you a crystal-clear view of the game. There are even some games that are streamed the same day they air on television! The cost for MamaHD is absolutely free! What’s not to try?


FAQ: StreamEast Alternatives (Sites Like Stream East)

Do I have to spend a money to watch the live streams?

If you take a closer look, many of these sites are offering free services. However, some of them are also offering paid service. If you feel that the free service is no longer sufficient for your requirements, feel free to upgrade it to the paid membership.

What kind of operating system should I use for accessing the live streams?

In general, these websites can be accessed regularly through the browser. It means that you should be able to use your PC, mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and even smartphones to access the contents.

Do these services have ads?

Considering that most of them are free, it is most likely that you will have to deal with ads. If you find them too annoying or obtrusive, you can always upgrade the service to a paid one. Paid service is generally free of ads, which may improve your comfort while enjoying the streams

Can I watch these streaming contents on my TV?

You will need to have a smart TV. And make sure that you have understood the technical requirements because not all sites can be easily connected to the smart TV. Do your research carefully to find out more about it.



All and all, those are some of the best candidates for StreamEast Live alternatives that you can use for your personal (sports) enjoyment. Some of the sites above may have advertisements that will annoy you, but that’s fair! Because you enjoy sports streaming services for free

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