The Market Of Bloggers And Social Networks in 2021-2022

In 2020-2021, blogging, even more, began to turn into a professional industry, like show business, and this is primarily due to the growth of celebrity income. If earlier blogging seemed like a fun hobby with monetization, now it is a full-fledged business.

Internet heroes gradually understand the size and strength of their audience and raise prices for services and advertising — from this trends are born. Bloggers have become more influential in society, so their audience is growing every day. Nowadays, even few people buy TikTok followers because on this platform everyone is perfectly gaining an audience and making money.


Info business

Receiving income through the release of any educational product is the main trend of the outgoing year. Most often, this is earning on audience loyalty and expectations from what your favorite blogger will tell subscribers. Content makers conduct online classes trying to educate their audience, while completely not understanding their field. However, as long as people buy the service, it will sell.

Those who conduct their consultations online and publish short videos about their activities do not even need to buy followers on TikTok, because without this they become popular in a short time. After all, everyone wants to learn something new from their favorite blogger!

The information business market is developing rapidly, but it has a marginal imprint: many believe that this is just air trading. But here you need to remember: you need to treat any education in a philosophical way. Even students who graduated from the best universities in the world are not given a 100% guarantee of employment.

Perhaps, sooner or later, universities will join the infobusiness. Bloggers need to create quality services and educational institutions need to attract students. Accordingly, they will team up and launch complex products especially at the intersection of fashionable professions. I would like to believe that the audience will gradually become more demanding about the products, understanding what result they want to get.

Previously, only creative dreamers became bloggers, but now experts and businessmen come to the market, that is, people with a plan for life and big ambitions. Now the heroes of the Internet are becoming more content makers, and for brands. Many brands do not realize that they are not good at TikTok and Instagram, so they will pay a blogger faster than turn to a popular director.

One way or another, for residents of small towns, blogging is still an easy start for building an independent and stable income. The only mistake is to think that blogging in itself can work wonders and make a person a millionaire without much effort. Of course, it takes a lot of work to be successful. But in a sense, becoming a blogger is more profitable than getting an education and then dreaming of getting a job in a large company.

If earlier the blogger was associated with a specific platform, now everything is merging into a single ecosystem. If a person has a powerful YouTube, then he is already popular on Instagram, if he is popular on Instagram, then most likely he has already started running TikTok. The industry itself is gradually coming to a certain standard. Soon there will be a unified information field, in which it is more important how useful a blogger is to the audience than his qualities and parameters and the ability to adapt to the algorithm.

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