USTVGO.TV Shut Down: Sorry, We are Closed

Sadly, the time has come for us to say goodbye to USTVGO.TV. We’d love to stay open, but life isn’t always full of happy endings.

From free streaming of your favorite shows to great movies, USTVGO.TV was much loved and appreciated by our viewers. We hope you all enjoyed the ride while it lasted; we certainly did!


USTVGO.TV Shut Down: Sorry, We are Closed

USTVGO.TV Shut Down: Sorry, We are Closed 1


We regret to inform our valued customers that USTVGO.TV will be shutting down effective immediately. This decision was difficult, but necessary as we could no longer sustain the service due to an unforeseen circumstance. We thank you for your patronage throughout the years and apologize for any inconvenience caused by this closure.

To make things easier for our customers, we’ve put together a few key steps outlined below that will help you transition away from USTVGO.TV and to another streaming service provider of your choice:

  1. Cancel any active subscriptions with USTVGO.TV and receive refunds if applicable;
  2. Identify alternate streaming services that may include similar content services as those found on USTVGO.TV;
  3. Subscribe to the alternate streaming service, making sure to pay close attention to subscription tiers and associated fees;
  4. Download, install and/or update any needed applications on devices such as mobile phones or Smart TVs in order to allow access and functionality of the new services;
  5. Uninstall or deactivate any applications related to from all devices including but not limited to mobile phones, tablets, Smart TVs etc.;
  6. Delete all bookmarks containing links directing back the USTOGO website either on desktop or laptop computers or within existing applications where applicable; and finally
  7. Contact customer service should there be any further questions after completing these steps.


What is USTVGO.TV?

USTVGO.TV was an online streaming service that provided live access to various TV networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, AMC, ESPN and many more. It allowed viewers to watch their favorite shows from these networks for free. The service launched in 2019 and quickly gained popularity due to its free and accessible content.

USTVGO.TV provided an easy-to-use interface for users with a simple design that was easy for anyone to understand. Users could navigate the site with ease by selecting the network they wanted to watch, or could browse a selection of popular shows or movies that were on the site at any given time.

However, unfortunately USTVGO.TV shut down in January 23, 2023 due to copyright infringement issues with several of the major networks it had been providing access to. The site was facing numerous lawsuits from TV networks seeking compensation for losses from illegal streaming of copyrighted content on USTVGO’s platform. As a result of this setback USTVGO ceased operations and all content on their website was removed or blocked off from user access until further notice.


How Did USTVGO.TV Work?

USTVGO.TV was a free live-streaming website for users to watch their favorite television shows in real-time. It featured a large selection of programs from multiple networks – covering almost all of the major broadcast and cable networks in the United States. The website used an IP address system to determine the user’s location and offer content based on those parameters. It also provided features such as parental controls and the ability to customize what type of content was available to view.

The site relied heavily on third-party sources such as Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube for content – making it easy for viewers to find the latest episodes of their favorite shows or movies with just a few clicks. USTVGO.TV also displayed ads during programming; however, users had the option to pay a monthly fee to eradicate them entirely – giving them an uninterrupted viewing experience with zero-buffering delays while they watched their favorite shows in full HD quality.

Sadly, due to copyright issues, USTVGO had shut down, leaving many fans without access to their beloved programming.


What Brought About the Shut Down?

The surprise announcement that USTVGO.TV had shut down came as a shock to many of its loyal followers. Popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime often look to TV streaming apps such as USTVGO in order to stay ahead of the competition. So, what brought about the sudden closure of said app?

It was alleged that USTVGO was in violation of copyright law. This is because the service provided access to copyrighted shows without permission from the copyright holder. Many other TV streaming services have found themselves in similar situations and have been threatened with legal action if they do not comply with regulations or abide by copyright law.

Despite attempts by USTVGO’s team to relaunch the site, it appears that their efforts were unsuccessful and it has since been shut down permanently due to infringement issues. It is not clear at this stage precisely who was behind the shut down or why it happened, but the lesson is clear – any real money-making potential for TV content providers lies in proper licensing for streaming services and complying with copyright laws wherever applicable.

Alternatives to USTVGO.TV

There are many options available to individuals who were using USTVGO.TV as their streaming source for live and on-demand TV programming. Everyone’s needs will be different, but some of the top alternatives that are currently available include:

  1. Hulu Live TV: This service offers access to several different networks, including ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS and a few others like ESPN and Discovery Channel. You also gain access to Hulu’s expansive library of content that is both live and on-demand.
  2. Sling TV: This streaming service works across over 20 popular devices and includes select local channels and several cable networks (such as Comedy Central, HGTV and more).
  3. Youtube TV: YouTube TV provides access to dozens of channels (including some local broadcast affiliates) without any contracts or long-term commitments as well as a range of DVR capabilities for recording your favorite shows for later viewing.
  4. FuboTV: Especially known for carrying sports content from around the world—including Premier League soccer games—this $60/month streaming service has six base plans in addition to specialty add-ons available if you need them.
  5. PlayStation Vue: This streaming service provides the most popular cable networks right out-of-the-box with no add-ons required along with access to local affiliates in most markets across the United States plus 5 simultaneous streams per account allow families to make use of each member’s individual preferences while still streamlining their budget needs efficiently too!


What Can You Do Now?

As of January 25, 2023, USTVGO.TV officially shut down their streaming services. This sudden closure came as a shock to many viewers who had been relying on the service for free online entertainment. Though USTVGO.TV no longer exists, there are still several alternate options available for internet users to enjoy quality streaming content.

Fortunately, the internet is filled with an ever-evolving variety of streaming services that offer various types of programs and movies including subscription-based options and free platforms. If you are looking for a new way to watch your favorite television shows and movies without breaking the bank, consider trying one of these excellent VPNs for access to international sites or even consider one of these nine awesome free streaming sites with legal content ready for viewing.

For those who are looking for more current or cutting-edge entertainment than what is available from standard streaming services (Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc.), exciting live events can be found at Twitch TV or Live Stream which features some of the latest updates from the world’s most popular news sources. On top of live events, these platforms also host shows and series from big names in production like HBO and AMC Networks on their repertoire! And it doesn’t stop there; YouTube also offers access to all sorts of videos created by viewers as well as select episodes from blockbuster original series like Cobra Kai and The Mandalorian which are both exclusive productions available only on YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red).

Ultimately, while USTVGO.TV may have closed its doors forever – now you have more choice than ever before in terms of video streaming services! With so many options out there it’s easy to find something that suits your taste and won’t break the bank either!


What Can We Learn from This?

The sudden closure of is a reminder to us all that nothing online is permanent. In the age of streaming, rapid changes to content sources and the services needed to watch them can often leave consumers in the lurch.

What lessons should we learn from the closure of Here are some key takeaways:

  • Be aware of the online services you rely on and take steps to avoid relying solely on a single provider or service.
  • When new services become available, consider researching them before adopting them as your primary source for entertainment or news consumption.
  • Develop a strategy for evaluating new streaming options so that when one shutters, you’re not affected disproportionately.
  • Look for well-established services with established reputations for reliability and customer service.
  • Be mindful of products or devices that lock you into using one streaming service over another as those devices can become quickly obsolete if their only supported service shuts down abruptly.
  • It never hurts to have backup plans in place in case your current option suddenly becomes unavailable; this could include physical media such as DVDs or Blu Rays which are more likely to remain available even if their digital counterpart disappears suddenly.



The end of USTVGO.TV is a disappointing turn for people who enjoyed watching the channels available on the website. Many people have used USTVGO as an alternative to cable TV in order to save money and watch their favorite shows or movies at no cost. It’s sad that this service will no longer be available, but there are still other legitimate alternatives out there that users can take advantage of.

Popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video all offer great selection at a range of prices. There are also services that offer cheap access to certain channels’ content in network apps or go90, which offers free access to some TV’s library content. You can also find other ways to watch full episodes online such as searching through websites like YouTube and Daily Motion or using legal apps for on-demand TV show streams such as Crackle or Acorn TV.

We understand how much you have enjoyed USTVGO service during its life time but it is time for us to say good bye from this website with a heavy heart. We thank all our viewers who have been with us till now and wish them all the best in their future endeavors!

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