Explore How Brand Management Software Play The Role to Manage Digital Assets

Have you ever known a Brand Management Software? What kind of software is it and to what field does it exist? If you are juts new to the software used in management of a company, well, you just come to the right page to learn all about it.

Brand Management Software is a software designed to manage all aspects of designing, delivering and regulating your company’s desired perception. If you have already your brand, then you must develop it, make successful and manage it, too. This way, you need merely a software that is quickly delivering, controlling and protecting your brand assets along with the easy access.

There are some factors that influence the reputation of the brand. Those are the experience around the brand’s products, people, services, pricing, designs and even the customers. Brand management will ensure that everything is aligned, consistent, available as always and properly used.

In these next few sections, we will explain the definition of brand management, its role in ensuring the company’s critical strategy, key features and other related information. So let’s go to the following sections to read:


Definition of Brand Management

What is Brand Management? Before we go further to the brand management software, it would be great to know what actually a brand management is.

Truly, brand management is a marketing term that explains the process of setting and enforcing a pack of standards for managing not only the internal but also the external branded digital assets. This way, a branding represents the process of building and developing brand. And, brand management is the process of maintaining it.

What is Brand Management


Simply put, brand management is all about managing all of the elements that collectively create an identity of a brand, thus, your business can have a consistent image to the customer. These elements include packaging and press release to blog posts, in-person experience and social media accounts.

Brand management is also defined as a strategy made along with the marketing team yet it involves anyone who represent the company through many kinds of channels including social media, posts, sales calls, press release, service calls, support request and etc.

A brand management strategy should include all of the internal team and vendor partners, freelancers, influencers and agencies that all act as your core business extensions.


The Role of Brand Management Software

Now we have a question; is Brand Management Software important? If so, to what extent does the software play an important role?

The Role of Brand Management Software


Basically, managing a brand is about tracking a long list of moving parts such as channels, stakeholders and touch-points. It is also about maintaining 24/7 brand consistency, securing market share and managing your reputation. In this case, if you are a manager handling a brand management, you must have lots to do.

So what are the roles of brand management software? Here are what you can check out:


Fulfill the Consumer’s High Expectations

Todays, customers always have high expectations over a product or a service. For example, either B2B or  B2C expect to accept a personalized experience in every touchpoint. A content must be delivered as soon as possible. It must also be personalized based on the receiver’s location, preferences, behaviors and other characteristics.


Control The External Factors

In managing your brand, you can always have it in control. There are some external factors that impact your brand’s narrative. Those external factors include the influencers, reviews, trends and news stories. These are all able to influence part of your brand and branded content. Thus, controlling them is crucial.


Operating Industry Regulations

Healthcare and financial services are the organizations and high-regulated industries that often face additional challenges in term of maintaining compliance requirements. In these cases, the brands must concern not only about protecting the consumer data but also how to present information in branded assets.

Due to these roles, the Brand Management Software is designed to address the specific challenges that allows the marketers to build and control the brand among all relevant touch-points. Brand management software is a tool used in any marketer’s stack. It plays a critical and central role in making a cohesive experience for all the stakeholders both internally and externally.

Overall, though you may apply the whole strategy, it may fall apart without brand management software.


Key Features of Brand Management Software

Brand management software offers a wide range of tools, allowing the users to make, manage, update, organize and control all of the branded assets just from one centralized location. However, not all of platform are created equally. Therefore, you’ll need a solution, which is in this case is a software or tool, to align with your business strategy, internal workflows and industry.

Brand Management Software


Here we have outlined several key features of a brand management software. Though you may have different business needs from others, you can search some more specialized capabilities to utilize.


Store and Organize Brand Collateral Easily

The primary features that most users are looking for is the ability of the software to store and organize brand collateral easily. At the very basic level, the software must perform a function as a home base for all digital assets.

In this case, if you want to use these files, you don’t have to look for the final versions. Some issues can be avoided by the DAM software. This kind of software can arise when there are different departments and locations are working from the server of shared file.

This feature can be a solution to reduce the amount of time spent to upload and organize files manually. For example, Brandfolder’s built-in  FTP automatically takes the files from your connected data sources and uploads them to the platform.

This way, the users can set the custom rules automating the tagging and the process of organizations. Thus, the users can easily locate the materials the need without joining the training.


Access Brand Assets Quickly

Brand Management Software is featuring an easy access of brand assets. How does this feature help the users? Well, the teams might not find the information they need. They may take a solution by themselves and end up with the misusing marketing materials. They might also end up with the ad-hoc content to report the perceived content gaps. This situation can take your brand into the risk and lead the customer to have negative impact on their perception about the brand.

In addition to such situation above, marketing assets can also remain unused. This way, the employees can lose countless hours to digital assets.

Thus, the brand management software is designed to be able to access brand assets quickly. In this case, the stakeholder can easily find and share information they need to do their job efficiently and effectively.


Edit and Convert Brand Files

Another feature of brand management software is the ability to edit and convert the brand files. This way, the software must easy to edit, convert and update all of the digital assets from one location only. Therefore, you along with the other users will be able to avoid wasting time in switching between the platforms, eliminating the download and getting things done in less time.


Set Media Rights and Permissions

Brand Management Software is also featuring the ability to set media files and permission. This feature will noticeably allow the company or organizations to define not only rules but also permission and the rights of using it in order to protect the digital assets.


Create and Share Brand Portals

How can this feature support the software? Well, brand portals is just simplifying the access to the digital assets by becoming a customizable homepage to access the branded assets. This way, the organization can create the different portal for the different user segments such as sales teams, marketers, influencers and etc.


Final Words

Overall, the software for brand management is designed to help you connect to your target audience, customers, employee and partner in order to improve the brand recall and linked to sales performance locally.

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