Is Camscanner Safe? The Truth about the Digital Scanner

There has been a rumor about Camscanner and questions arise concerning is Camscanner safe. Well, if you don’t really need to scan documents quite often with your smartphone, slim chances that you need such an app, after all. But we have a more pressuring question now: whether it is safe (and worth it) to keep the app within your device. Do you really need it? Do you honestly depend on it? So, let’s get to it and dig deeper into the issue.


Is Camscanner Safe? – Understanding Camscanner

You probably have guessed it from the name: Camscanner is a special app allowing users to scan pictures or images on their Android or iOS devices. With this app, you should be able to scan documents, receipts, and others – and then convert them all into digital formats and files. Once they are converted to those files, they can be sent away (electronically) as image format or PDF files.

Is Camscanner Safe


The basic function of the app is to help users scan documents quickly – without them having to use a computer at all. Imagine how convenient it is: You simply turn your device on quickly and then manage everything without turning on any computer – or whatsoever. In terms of concept, this app seems like an ideal software. But there comes a question: is Camscanner safe?


Contradicting Opinions

Well, the issue and the question is Camscanner safe has two different opinions. There are actually facts of what truly happens to the app. And for a moment, we need to look into each fact closely to really understand what it is about – and the complexity of the issue.


The Against Opinion

Kaspersky the security firm, has done a thorough study, and they found out that Camscanner has a malware inside it. Considering that the app has gotten more than 100 million of downloads up to now, such a thing can be stressful. This is one of the reasons why people are asking is Camscanner safe because they don’t want to be affected by the issue. Not to mention that the app has been around for around 10 years (a decade) so you really don’t want to be messing around.

Is Camscanner Safe to use


According to the report, researchers found out that there was a malicious and dangerous code right inside the version released between the month of June and July 2019. It is said that the developer had added a new type of module (for advertisement) within that period. According to the study, when activated, the malware would be able of downloading and executing extra malign files (on the background) automatically.

This module was designed to launch and start intrusive ads within the phone. There were several reported cases where the malware could sign users up for paid subscriptions – without them knowing it and without them agreeing on it.

Ever since Kaspersky released the report on their blog, Google has taken Camscanner down from the Android app store. Camscanner released a statement that this SDK (which they referred to as AdHub) was responsible for all of these issues and problems.

They stated that they performed an investigation on their own and they found out that the module could be responsible for the document data leak. Afterward, they ‘reported’ the most recent app’s build-up for the latest update. But it seems that the issue didn’t affect iOS client as much as it affected the Android.

However, because the developer had promised that they were going to work on the issue as fast as they could, Google approved the new build. They allowed the app to return to the PlayStore – although those who are still doubtful with the app should stay away from it.

Unfortunately, the doubts about is Camscanner safe isn’t the first one hitting Camscanner. The company had also dealt with almost similar issues in April 2019. They provided an update but then users complained that they had to deal with full-screen, loud, and annoying video commercials on the app after they updated their app. It seems that Camscanner’s performance has plummeted after the company was purchased by Instig, a company with a base in China. It was also interesting to find out that the dangerous code was also coming as a pre-installed type on Chinese phones.


The Pros Opinions

Camscanner safe or not? On the other hand, some opinions state that those issues were happening in the past – it isn’t related to the current condition. Is Camscanner safe? Some people believe that it is now and the malware wasn’t the app itself but the code within the app.

These people believe that the app shouldn’t be the one blamed for all the fuss about the safety of the app – but it is the code. They also believe that once the code is removed from the app, then Camscanner would be safe and sound.

camscanner safe or not


In the fact that Google also allowed the app to be back on their PlayStore also confirms the suspicion that the app isn’t the harmful one – it is all the code! With the fact that Camscanner had stated that they performed security checks and then Google allowed the app to be back on their service again, it was obvious that Google has done thorough review to make sure that the new update is malware-free.


What to Do Next?

So, what should do after you have learned this issue? Well, if you still have the app in your phone, you need to check whether it is the newer one or the older version. If you have the older version, it is likely that the malware would be inside the phone. Your option is only 2: you update it or you delete.

camscanner app


What if you aren’t sure about what kind of version you have? Here are some options that you can do:

  • Check PlayStore. All apps installed in your phone would have the update notification if a new version is available. So, you need to check PlayStore and find out if the app states ‘update’. If it does display the notification ‘update’, it means that you aren’t having the latest version. You want to immediately update it.
  • Have antivirus program. You want to have an active antivirus. Malware usually hides inside the phone’s system to take any information secretly. That’s why you should install an active antivirus to scan your system. If you can combine updating the app, getting active antivirus, and scanning the phone carefully and thoroughly, then you won’t have to worry about any hidden malware.
  • Delete the app. If you are still doubtful about the safety of the app, then you should delete it entirely. You can delete it and then get the latest version. After all, the app is no longer a suspected Trojan horse so the newer version should be safe. But then again, some people want to be completely safe about it – they don’t want to use it anymore and they prefer choosing other apps.


Final Conclusion

Is Camscanner safe? If you have read this article thoroughly, then you know that the new version of the app is completely. After the malicious code has been removed from the app and after the company has done improvements to the app, a lot of users and internet experts state that Camscanner is now safe.

But still, if you don’t want any threats to be present in your phone, it is always a good idea to do these things:

  • Install active antivirus. If you can have more than one with different functions, it would be better. For instance, you can have an antivirus as the main program and another one for support.
  • Perform regular checking and scanning.
  • Make sure that you always update your apps.
  • Choose reliable and trusted sources. When you want to download anything, you need to get it from a reliable, trusted, and not-shady website.

After reading the presented facts about everything, you can make your own educated decision. Now that you know the answer is Camscanner safe, you can decide whether to stick with the app or pick another one.

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